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SHERIFF Kevin Potter

52 S 1000 W                                                                              facebook
P. O. Box 888
Brigham City, Utah 84302

Mission Statement
-Reduce crime and the fear of crime.
-Establish a solid partnership with the citizenry to create safe and secure communities.
-Provide a knowledgeable staff that ensures professional commitment to law enforcement,
is focused and dedicated to the citizens and communities and uses imagination, innovation
and resourcefulness.
-Provide high quality, cost effective, accountable services.
-Standards for law enforcement must include Fair Access, Public Trust, Safety and Security,
Coordinated Team Work with officers and citizens and Community Involvement/Responsibility.

Frequently Dialed Numbers

Administrative Assistant 435-734-3818
Burn Permits 435-734-3345
GRAMA requests 435-734-3822
Records 435-734-3822
Booking 435-734-3839
Civil 435-734-3822
Historic County Courthouse 435-734-3300
Justice Court/Small Claims Court 435-734-3390
First District Court 435-734-4600
Numbers not listed above 435-734-3800


Volunteer Services
Email/Phone Directory

Past Sheriffs
Year-end Reports
Job Postings
2nd Employment Policy
Press Release
Officer-Involved Critical Incident
Body Worn Digital Recording Systems Policy
Keeping your Community Safe: A Guide to Being a Vigilant Citizen