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            2021 Municipal Election Candidates
City/Town         Position Name of Candidate
Bear River Mayor Megan Armstrong
  Council (2) Joshua J Dallin
    Clinton T. Armstrong, CPA
    Riggin Jay Holmgren
Brigham City Mayor Dennis J Bott (DJ)
    Brent Dickamore-Withdrew
    (Write-In)-Tharon Valencia
  Council (2) Thomas Wesley Peterson
    Mathew D. Ellis
    Ryan Smith
    Matthew Jensen
Corinne Mayor Shane D. Baton
    Patty Tillman
  Council (2) Ann M. Whitaker
    Cindy Cheney
    Danna Hutchison
    Curtis M Hansen
    Lindsey Long
    Wade Layton
Deweyville Mayor Lesley Kendrick
  Council (2) Leslie R Wheatley
    Kaysie Burbank Wilcox
    Bunny Jo Barnett
    Nathan P Spackman
Elwood Mayor Keenan Nelson
  Council (2) Michael Pace
Fielding Mayor Chuck Earl
  Council(2) Matt Petersen
    Tiffinee Pierson
Garland Mayor Linda Bourne
    Todd Miller
  Council (2) Steven K Peacock
    Jeanette Atkinson
    Kevin Stay
  Council (1) (Two Year Term) Elizabeth Potter
    Charles Bingham
    Jessica Olsen-Disqualified
    (Write-in) Jessica Olsen
Honeyville Mayor Boyd M Bingham
  Council (2) Kory L Wilde
    Bruce F. Nelson
    David T. Hougaard
Howell Mayor Bradly Hawkes
  Council (2) Mark D. Sorensen
    Robert Craig Hawkes
Mantua Mayor Joseph Bach
    Terry G Nelson
    Matthew Jeppsen
    James (Jim) Jones
    Jenn Gardner
  Council (2) Rick Purrington-Withdrew
    Eric Ellis
    Craig H. Boulter-Withdrew
    Karen Nelson
    Jonathan Nelson-Withdrew
    Jared Jeppsen
    Blake Marsh
  Council (1) (Two Year Term) Pam Eaves
    Justin Brown
Perry Mayor Kevin Jeppsen
  Council (2) Dave Walker
    Esther Montgomery
    Ashley Malan Young
Plymouth Mayor Thomas Provins
    Wendi Barker
    Curtis D Murray-Withdrew
  Council (2) Burke N. Udy
    Charles M Wilson
    Jess Marshall
Portage Mayor Grant L. Smith
    Max K. Huggins
  Council (2) Tyson Nelson
    Lesley J. Smith
    Mariah Huggins
  Council (1) (Two Year Term)  
Snowville Mayor LuAnn Johnson-Withdrew
    (Write-In) Gwen Wilson
  Council (2) Garet Wirick
    John Levenduski
Tremonton Mayor Lyle N Holmgren
    Jeff Reese-Withdrew
  Council (2) Bret G. Rohde
    (Write-in) Justin Scoffield
    (Write-in) Jeffrey Nelson Hoedt
    (Write-In) Wesley Estep
Willard Mayor Kenneth Braegger
    Travis Mote
  Council (2) Jacob Bodily-Withdrew
    Michael W. Braegger
    Rodney B. Mund
    Jordan Hulsey

2020 General Election Results

Official Results (Canvassed 11/17/2020)

Thank you for Voting and making 2020 a record breaking turnout!

Zero Report

2020 Elections

Important dates and information to remember:

2020 Election Notice


Ballots will be mailed October 13, 2020 to all registered voters.  Ballots must be postmarked by November 2, 2020 to be valid for this election or put in a drop box by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

For a sample ballot, click here
Please note, this is a publication ballot. Your ballot may or may not have some of the races on this ballot. For a sample ballot for your local districts please visit vote.utah.gov

For a list of drop box locations, please click here.

Early Voting will take place October 27-30, 2020 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
at the Box Elder County Courthouse 01 S. Main St. Suite 10 Brigham City, Utah.
Photo identification is required.

Box Elder County will provide two Vote Centers on Election Day for those who need assistance.
ADA accessible ballot marking devices and assistance is available at both vote centers and during early voting. 

Polls will open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.
Photo identification is required.

Vote Center locations are as follows:

Utah State University, Student Services Building 
989 S. Main
Brigham City, Utah 
(Utah State University requires face coverings to enter their building)

Tremonton Senior Center
510 W. 1000 N.
Tremonton, Utah 

Register to vote or request an absentee ballot by October 23, 2020 at voter.utah.gov

Same day voter registration is available during early voting and Election Day through a provisional ballot. You will need to provide proof of identity and proof of residency.

Campaign Finance Reports

Box Elder County Commissioner Seat C
Stan Summers

Box Elder County Assessor
Rodney Bennett

Box Elder County Recorder
Chad Montgomery

Box Elder County Treasurer
Shaun Thornley

Box Elder School Board District 1
Tiffani Summers

Box Elder School Board District 2
Connie Archibald

Box Elder School Board District 5
Todd Cordner
Nancy S. Kennedy

Box Elder School Board District 6
Bryan Dee Smith

Tuesday June 30, 2020

Primary Election Zero Report
Primary Election Unofficial Results 1st release
Primary Election Unofficial Results 2nd Release
Primary Election Unofficial results update 7/02/2020
Primary Election Unofficial Results update 7/06/2020
Primary Election Unofficial Results update 7/07/2020
Primary Election Unofficial Results update 7/16/2020
Primary Election Official Results


Democratic Sample Ballot

Republican Sample Ballot

June 30, 2020 Primary Campaign Finance Reports 
Kris Udy (1st report) (7/30/2020)
Mitch Zundel (1st report) (7/30/2020)
Stan Summers (1st report) (Secondary Report) (7/30/2020)
Alden Farr (1st report) (7/30/2020)

Tuesday November 3, 2020
Ballots will be mailed on October 13, 2020
Ballots must be postmarked before Election Day to be valid for the election!
Ballot drop boxes will be available through election day to drop off your ballot! 

2020 Presidential Primary Election Results
Zero Report
1st release (includes a portion of by-mail ballots that have been received and counted as well as early voting ballots.
2nd Release (Includes both Vote Centers)
Final Release Election night (by-mail ballots received and counted
Updated Results 03-06-2020 (includes Provisional ballots and additional by-mail ballots

Updated Results 03-16-2020

Official Results

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For Municipal Election results please contact the Municipality or the County Clerk's Office

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