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Box Elder County Road Department

Road Department Mission:

· To develop and maintain a road maintenance strategy that efficiently uses the available funding to extend the life of roadways throughout the county.

· To provide a consistent high standard of maintaining oiled and gravel roads.

· To provide top notch customer service by properly directing calls and responding to citizen concerns during normal working hours and through use of Sheriff’s dispatch.

· To promote an accident-free environment through advanced training and emphasis on safety techniques and applying common sense.

Box Elder County Road Standards

Right of Way Indemnity Statement

Excavation Permit Application

Contact Information

Bill Gilson
5730 West 8800 North
Tremonton, Utah 84337
Phone: 435-695-2580
Fax: 435-257-3597




Reports of damaged or missing road signs shall be forwarded to the Box Elder County Road Department. It is reported to Bill Gilson or Doug Peterson. A record of this will be kept that will include the date, location, type of sign, who reported it and the time it was reported.
All top priority signs are replaced within an 8 hour period after they are reported. All other sign are replaced within a reasonable amount of time, depending on the location of the sign in the county. If missing or damaged signs create a safety issue, a sheriff is called by county personnel to control the hazardous situation until the sign is replaced.
All signs that are damaged or missing or become worn will be replaced or repaired. A record of this will be kept in the computer in the sign-view software. The record will include the date, time, type of sign and the employee who did the replacement or repairs.