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Fairgrounds Facilities Rental Rates

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Effective July 17, 2007

• 50% Deposit Required to set Event Date, Full Rent Payment due on or before the day of the Event.

Indoor and Outdoor Arenas:

With Gate (Ticket Sales)           $ 1,000.00 per 10 Hr. Day
No Gate (Ticket Sales)   $ 40.00 per Hr.
Large Indoor Arena   $ 70.00 per Hr.

• Events scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, or County declared Holidays;

• Additional surcharge of 50% of Daily Rate


Exhibit Building #3 or Bandstand Area   $ 200.00 per 10 Hr. Day
Museum Building / Cook Facilities   $ 100.00 per 10 Hr. Day
Sales in any Facility   $ 400.00 per 10 Hr. Day
Auction Building    
          With Gate (Ticket Sales)   $ 400.00 per 10 Hr. Day
          No Gate (Ticket Sales)   $ 40.00 per Hr.
Auction Building Meeting Room   $ 20.00 per Hr.
Cleaning / Key Deposit   $ 400.00 refundable
Arena Grooming Equipment   $ 50.00 per event


  $ 10.00 per 10 Hr. Day per Horse

Horse Stalls With Bedding:

  $ 50 per Month per Stall
    or $ 10.00 per 10 Hr. Day per stall

Tack or Hay Storage Stalls:

  $ 10.00 per Month per Stall



R.V. Storage:  Not Offerred

  No Longer Available

            ……………….NO Monthly Rent Carry Over.…………………..


•Monthly Stall Rent runs from the 1st day of each month to the last day of each Month.


• Stall Rent is Due by the 1st of each Month,  Past Due by the 10th of each Month.


• No Unhooked Horse Trailers Parked in Alleys between horse barns.


• Park All Trailers North and West of Horse Stalls.


• No Alteration of Fairgrounds Property or Equipment without Permission of the Fairgrounds Manager.


• Day = 10 Hr.  Additional hours at 10% of Daily Rate per hour.


Approved By the Box Elder County Commission July 7 2007