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Web Maps

With the rapid evolution of technology and demand for the most current, up-to-date information, hard copy, paper maps have fallen by the wayside and replaced by interactive web map applications that can be accessed by any device. These web maps provide more flexibility to the user and allows them to zoom to areas or interest, turn layers on and off, and create their own maps. The most current information possible can now be presented to the public through these web maps, with changes often showing as soon as they are made.  Most of the information displayed in the maps below, can be found through the various web maps provided by Box Elder County's GIS Department. If the information you are looking for can't be found, the GIS Department can create a custom layer or map for order. See the Data/Cost link above for more information.

County Map

Map of Box Elder County showing roads, government ownership, place names etc. (Updated 1/4/2018)
36" x 48" - 5.57 MB

Box Elder County Zoning

Zoning information can also be found in the Main Interactive Web Map. For display purposes, the county zoning maps has been divided into two sections. For more information regarding zoning codes and information, contact the Planning and Zoning Department.

East Zoning Map 
24" x 36"- 1.94 MB (Updated 4/3/2017)

West Zoning Map
24" x 36"- 2.52 MB (Updated 4/3/2017)

County Fairgrounds

Map of the Box Elder County Fairgrounds with aerial photo, showing gates, buildings, and parking areas. (Updated 8/4/2015)
8.5" x 11" - 239.99 KB

Election Maps

Emergency Management Maps

Travel and Recreation Maps

An 8.5" x 11"  bound travel and recreation map book is available for $20 at the County building in the GIS Office or Recorder's Office.

Road Ordinance Maps 

Ordinance 222
An ordinance adopting an  access management map relating to county roads, prohibiting off road travel, and providing for seasonal closures. Passed July 15 1998

222 MAP

Ordinance 248  
An ordinance amending Box Elder County ordinance No. 222, and adopting access management maps relating to county roads, controlling off-road travel, and providing for seasonal closures. Passed December 19 2000

248 Grouse Creek
1.68 MB

248 Newfoundland Mountains
1.51 MB

248 Promontory Point
1.13 MB

248 Tremonton
1.68 MB

Off-Highway Vehicle and Trails Maps

Box Elder County is currently working on a trails master plan to provide updated trails maps and web maps to the general public. The state has an Interactive Trails Map, showing trails information collected from local governments throughout the state. Information on OHV riding and trails can be found at

BLM Recreation Web Map

The BLM also has an Interactive Recreation Web Map, providing information on access and designated routes throughout the county.