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Web Maps
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County map

Large map - 4097 KB
Interagency Travel
and Recreation Map
Demo project.

Box Elder County Zoning
Large Zoning Map - 2323 KB County Fairgrounds
67 KB

Election Maps

Emergency Management Maps

Travel and Recreation Maps

An 8 1/2 X 11  bound travel and recreation map book is available for $20 at the County building in the GIS Office or Recorder's Office.

Road Ordinance Maps

Ordinance 222
An ordinance adopting an  access management map
relating to county roads, prohibiting off road
travel, and providing for seasonal closures.
Passed July 15 1998

222 MAP

Ordinance 248  
An ordinance amending Box Elder County ordinance No. 222,
and adopting access management maps relating to county roads,
controlling off-road travel, and providing for seasonal closures.
Passed December 19 2000

248 Grouse Creek
1.68 MB

248 Newfoundland Mountains
1.51 MB

248 Tremonton
1.68 MB

248 Promontory Point
1.13 MB