Justice Court
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Box Elder County Justice Court

Box Elder County Justice Court

81 North Main Suite 103

Brigham City UT 84302

Phone: 435-734-3390

Fax: 435-734-3376

Email: bejusticecourt@boxeldercounty.org


Office Hours

Monday through Friday

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed Holidays


The Court calendar is available at www.utcourts.gov/cal/


Court Hearings

DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) we are only seeing cases by Webex. 
If you need to schedule a court hearing, please contact the court clerk at 435-734-3390 and
the clerk will help you schedule a court date and get you the information to appear by Webex. 

Once you have a court hearing scheduled, it is encouraged that you watch the following video
to help you better understand the court process and your rights.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9Rrn-bTfrY  (English Version)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDaXvwgboxE (Spanish Version)



Forms of Payments Accepted:

Checks Made Payable to B.E.J.C
Cashier's Check or Money Order
VISA, Mastercard, or Discover Card
(there is a 2.5% fee for paying with a card) 

Payments can be made: 

 In Person

By Mail

Online by clicking the following link:

If you have received a moving violation and would like information about taking 
Online Traffic School, please contact the Court before making you payment.  


A receipt will be issued for all payments made in person.

Please retain your receipt as proof of payment.




Returned Check Policy

Per UCA 7-15-1, a $20 fee will be assessed

For all returned checks.

Per UCA 7-15-1, an additional $20 fee may also be assessed if after notification,

the returned check is not covered.

Future Payments Must be Made in Cash or Money Order.


If you need to contact your Probation Officer you can contact:



Jordane Rohde

144 South 100 West #102

Brigham City UT 84302


Mobile 801-518-1707

Office 801-903-2626

Fax 801-996-4491

Or email jrohde@ampprobation.com



Professional Probation Service

862 S Main @ 2

Brigham City UT 84302


Phone 435-723-7273

Fax 435-723-7768

Or email ppsbrighamut@gmail.com