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Box Elder County 
County Economic Development (CED) Board
2021 CED Grant Application

The application must be submitted using the link below.


Grant applications are accepted:  January 1 – January 29, 2021

Deadline for submitting applications: January 29, 2021 – 11:59 PM

Announcement of Awards:  Approximately February 19, 2021

Grant monies mailed:  2 weeks after completed acceptance paperwork is received by Box Elder County from the Grant Recipient

Please note:

  1. The fillable form found at Box Elder CED Board 2021 Grant Application must be used.

  2. Please read all information and Application Procedures before completing the application. 

  3. Grant applications must be complete, including a detailed budget.

  4. Organizations must: 1) be a nonprofit (not a municipality or town) or a for-profit company 2) have headquarters or a major business function within the Box Elder County boundaries to apply for this grant and 3) have 100 or fewer employees within the County limits.  

  5. Direct questions to Mitch Zundel, Box Elder County Economic Development 435-734-3331,

Click the following link to apply:
Box Elder CED Board 2021 Grant Application

BackgroundWith SB 95 (2020), Box Elder County created a CED Board with members representing each of the respective groups as designed in the Bill.  The CED Board elected to utilize the funding for this year’s allocation in the form of business grants.  

Mission. The mission of the Box Elder CED Board is to encourage growth and development of the economy in Box Elder County.  One objective of the CED Board is to focus on projects that “move the needle” or have the greatest impact on the local economy.  

PurposeThe Box Elder CED Board shall make a recommendation to the County Commissioners on how best to use the funds allocated to Box Elder County from the State of Utah.  The idea is to support economic development project(s) that “move the needle” within Box Elder County.

EligibilityCED Board Funds are available to for-profit and non-profit organizations that promote economic development projects.  These projects should have a significant (as much as possible) impact on the economy within Box Elder County.

Application PolicyPlease read this section completely BEFORE submitting your application.  Requests for funds will be approved based upon the following criteria:

  1. The proposed project must relate directly to the priorities of the CED Board mission statement and economic development goals and objectives (see the following page).

  2. A follow-up report must be submitted within sixty (60) days following the completion of the project.

  3. In fiscal-year 2021, the BE CED Board has $95,000 in funding to recommend for business grants. Final approval for awards will be made by the Box Elder County Commission.

  4. Businesses must provide a funding match equal to or greater than the amount awarded.  The match may be in-kind or other capital.

This grant fund is not guaranteed year-to-year.  

Primary consideration will be given to those projects which strive to meet the following criteria:

  1. Benefit economic development in the area and make immediate, short-term, medium-term, and long-term impacts. 

  2. Indicate the likelihood of successful completion based on the current status of the requesting organization (how successful is the applicant right now).

  3. Show the availability of other sources of funding and/or the ability to leverage grant funds.

Payment of CED Board Funds. Once funding has been approved, the applicant must follow the proper steps in order to be considered for future grants, if applicable.  If these steps are not followed, funding will not be granted in the future.

  1. Payment will be made based on the agreement specified in the grant award.

  2. A progress report must be submitted no later than August 1, 2021, with a follow-up report no later than sixty (60) days after project completion.  The follow-up report must contain the following:

    1. Appropriate documentation of completed work and execution of final payments to include copies of invoices or checks for services rendered and/or property acquired (real & personal).  All documents must be received sixty (60) days after completion of the project.  All matching funds must be accounted for, as well.

    2. A written evaluation report documenting the event and success of the project. 

For questions, please call the office at 435-734-3331.

CED Board Mission and Economic Development Priorities

Goals and Objectives (in priority order)

1. Encourage projects that “move the needle” regarding the growth and development of Box Elder County.

2. Help businesses grow and develop into job centers where individuals who reside in Box Elder County have quality employment opportunities and can live and work without the need to commute outside the county limits.

3. To create opportunities for businesses in Box Elder County (including non-profits) to succeed and thrive through investments in infrastructure and other needed resources.

4. Assist start-up businesses so they can grow deep roots in the communities and help Box Elder County sustain success into the future.

5. Grow non-profits that have a direct impact on the for-profit entities within the County so they can help “move the needle.”


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