Weed Department
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Box Elder County Weed Department

The Box Elder County Weed Department is dedicated to notifying the public about the importance of identifying and controlling their noxious weeds. This helps keep our County a beautiful place to live.

The State of Utah Noxious Weed Act (Rule R68-9) states, “It is the duty of every property owner to control and prevent the spread of noxious weeds on any land in his possession or under his control”.

All individuals in the county are invited to join in efforts to identify and control noxious weeds. To learn how to recognize noxious weeds press Utah Noxious Weeds. For more information on any weed, enter the weed name on Google and find an abundance of pictures and current information.

The Weed Department realizes there are many noxious weeds in Utah and Box Elder County that may be familiar to the public. However, we have to focus on those that are funded and can be treated with limited resources.

Become involved to find and report certain noxious weeds to assist landowners and the Weed Department by pressing Volunteer Weed Watcher. When an area is infested with these specific weeds, fill out a Weed Alert Form so the landowner and Weed Department are made aware of the infestation.

We also have a Facebook Page for those interested that is informative and updated from time to time on Noxious Weed activities.

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