Volunteer Victim Advocate
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What does a volunteer do?
At the Box Elder County Attorney's Office, we use volunteer victim advocates to provide direct support and services to victims throughout the court process.  Volunteers will help ensure that victims' rights are protected and will be the liaison between the full-time victim advocates and the victims.

Duties of a Volunteer Victim Advocate include (but are not limited to):
     1.  Providing emotional support to victims
     2.  Observing the attitude and behavior of the victim
     3.  Documenting experiences, services provided, and the court process
     4.  Helping with communication between the victim and the full-time advocates
     5.  Contacting victims and scheduling meetings as requested by the full-time advocates

What are the benefits of volunteering?
All volunteers receive free training on the latest research involving trauma and victim responses.  This training and the hours devoted to volunteering look great on a resume.

Our volunteers report that helping victims has proven to be a meaningful, memorable, and fulfilling experience that brought worth and satisfaction to their own lives.

Volunteers become familiar with the breadth of resources in the community that will help them assist individuals in their own lives.  Volunteers also become acquainted with prosecutors, officers, and other social workers that provide a helpful network of contacts.

What kind of commitment does volunteering require?
It is really up to you!  There are no requirements for when, how long, or how often you volunteer.  Of course, there are set days and times for court, but volunteers are not bound by the court schedule.  You will be welcome whenever you are available.

What are the requirements to volunteer?
Volunteers need to meet this minimum criteria:
     1.  Must be 18 years of age or older
     2.  Must be able to pass a background check
     3.  Must have appropriate communication skills to build rapport
     4.  Must have the ability to provide emotional support and show compassion