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Julie Jacobsen - Victim Services Coordinator- District and Juvenile Court "Our mission is to treat each victim as an individual"

Being a victim of crime can have a significant impact on your life. If you are a victim of an assault, theft, identity theft, burglary, domestic violence, sexual abuse crimes or any other violent crime, you are not alone. Many victims may suffer physical, emotional and financial hardship. Having to go through the criminal justice system can be difficult and oftentimes overwhelming. The Box Elder County Victim Services Advocate Program is committed to helping victims and their families receive access to the services they need to address and overcome their victimization. The Box Elder County Victim Services Advocate Program believes it is imperative that every victim's feelings and concerns are known to the prosecuting attorney before the disposition of a case.  The advocate program will assist with writing a victim impact statement and giving referrals to provide them with the highest quality victim advocacy services.