Victim Grievance
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It is the Box Elder County Attorney's policy to address victims' grievances with the Box Elder County Attorney's Office promptly and fairly. Any victim who is aggrieved by an action of an employee of the Box Elder Attorney's Office, believes their rights were violated, or that they were discriminated against, may file a written grievance in a reasonable and timely manner.

A written grievance must be filed within five working days after the event giving rise to the grievance or within five working days after the victim has knowledge of the event giving rise to the grievance. The written grievance shall address the problem and shall include recommendations for resolution. A grievance may be filed more than five days later for good cause. However, prior to filing a grievance, the victim should first attempt to resolve the issue through informal discussions with the employee in question.

All victims are free to present complaints or grievances to the County Attorney and shall be assured freedom from discrimination, coercion, restraint, or reprisal.


STEP ONE: The victim shall present the written grievance to the County Attorney (forms may downloaded here). The grievance shall specifically state the complaint and the remedy or relief sought.
When the County Attorney receives the grievance he shall review it and issue a letter to the victim acknowledging receipt of the grievance within five working days.
The County Attorney will select another employee from the same department as the one against whom the complaint is filed to help investigate the grievance. The County Attorney will further evaluate and decide which steps need to be taken to properly deal with the grievance, consider any steps necessary to ensure that no rights were or continue to be violated including, but not limited to, trainings, classes, verbal or written reprimand and report to the Box Elder County Human Resources Department.
The County Attorney will issue a decision based on the findings of the investigation.  This decision is final. However, the victim can further report to the First District Victim Rights Committee if the victim believes that the issue has not been resolved or that their rights continue to be violated.  If any disciplinary action against an employee is rescinded through the grievance procedures, the County Attorney shall remove the record of the disciplinary action from the employee's personnel file.