Those Who Have Served
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Those Who Have Served

1856 -2013
This is a nominal history listing names of those WHO HAVE SERVED and represented Box Elder County in appointive or elective positions. These are the people who have been an integral part of governmental processes affecting Box Elder County.

Thank you to Kleon Kerr for the compiling of this informationin a written format "Those who have served 1856 - 1996".

Brief History of the Creation of Box Elder County

Box Elder County was part of Weber County prior to 1856. By legislative Act, the county was created in March 1856. The county seat was located at Brigham City.
The boundary limits of Box Elder County were set by the Legislature:

"All that portion of Utah Territory beginning in the center of the Channel of the Bear River at the west line of Cache County; thence down said river five miles from the mouth of its lowest canyon; thence west to Greasewood County or a line running north from the most westerly point of Great Salt Lake to the southern boundary of Greasewood County to a point due west from the Hot Springs at the territorial road in Weber County; thence east to the western boundary of Summit County; thence northerly along said boundary to south boundary line of Cache County; thence west along the south line of said county; thence northerly along the western line of said county to the place of beginning, is and shall be hereafter called Box Elder County, and the probate judge when elected is hereby authorized to organize the same. The county seat is hereby located at Brigham City." (1)

The description of the boundaries of Box Elder County and the territory included therein as recorded in the Utah Code reads:

"17-1-5. Box Elder County--Description--Box Elder County: Beginning at the intersection of the northern boundary of the state and summit of the range next east of Malad Valley, thence west to the northwest corner of the state; thence south to the forty first parallel of north latitude; thence east to the western shore of Great Salt Lake; thence northeasterly along, and to the middle point of, a straight line drawn between said point on the lake and a point north of the northwest corner of Kingston's fort; thence northeasterly along a straight line drawn from said middle point of said line to a point on the west line of range 3 west, due west from the Hot Springs situated at the point of the mountain north of Ogden; thence east to said springs; thence northeasterly along the summit of the spur range terminating at said springs to, and thence along, the summit of the Wasatch Mountains, passing around the headwaters of Box Elder and Willow Creeks, and crossing the Bear River at the middle point of its lower canyon, to, and thence northerly along, the summit of the range of mountains next east of Malad Valley to the point of beginning." (2)

1. Law of Utah Territory, Fifth Annual Session, 1855-1856, p.5.
2. Utah Code Annotated 17-1-5.

Box Elder County was established by act of the Territorial Legislature in 1856. Governor Brigham Young signed the enabling legislation which provided for various county offices, including an administrative unit referred to as a County Court. The court consisted of three selectmen elected by popular vote and a probate judge appointed by the governor of the territory. The probate judge usually served as chairman of the court.
In 1896, the position of probate judge as a part of the county governing body was eliminated. The County Court became the County Commission and members of the Commission were designated as County Commissioners, whereas, prior to 1896, they were called selectmen. The County Commission selects one of the three members of the Commission to serve as chairman.

The following links will direct you to the list of individuals from Box Elder
County who have served in various elected and appointed positions. Due to lack of records, some names may not be on the list. Any information relative to names or terms of office being inaccurate, please contact us.

Probate Judges 1856-1896
Selectmen 1856-1896
Collectors 1856

Commissioners 1896-2017
Assessors 1856-2017
Attorneys 1856-2017
Auditors 1979-2017
Clerks 1856-2017
Recorders 1856-2017
Surveyors 1856-2007

Sheriffs 1856-2017
Treasurers 1856-2017

Box Elder School District
Superintendents 1883-2007
Clerks 1907-
Treasurers 1907-
Board Members 1907-Present
Student Board Members 1986-2007
Attorneys 1913-

State Offices
State Senators 1856-Present
House of Representatives 1851-Present

Other Offices Coming Soon
Special Services
Department of Agriculture
State Land and Forestry Board
State Water and Power Board
Public Service Commission
Majority Leader- State Senate
Board of Water Resources