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In March 2001, Box Elder County was awarded the designation of a "Utah Smart Site" by Governor Mike Leavitt. This indicates Box Elder County has in place:

  1. Available, trained telecom technical workforce
  2. Facilities wired for these business needs
  3. Two current technical training locations available to upgrade any needed skills (USU & BATC)

Infrastructure Upgrade

Our goal is to provide an open access fiber ring in each of the two main cities, Brigham and Tremonton, with fiber to the business (FTTB)and fiber to the home (FTTH). Open access is essential to provide a competitive marketplace where multiple companies compete for the telecommunication business. Wireless capabilities will provide the telecommunications needed for the smaller communities. This telecommunications infrastructure will be worked in conjunction with the Utah Education Network providing the resources necessary for the Box Elder County School District to train our children, our upcoming work force, and to handle the technology needs for the future.

There are four main partners in the county-wide telecommunications enterprise: Box Elder County, Brigham City, Tremonton City and Box Elder County School District.