Speed & Judged Horse Events
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Speed & Judged Horse Events

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Friday, August 28

Horse Judged Events, 8:00 a.m.
Check-in for open and youth beginning at 7:00 a.m.

Director, tbd

Both events will be held at the rodeo arena.

Rules and Regulations for all Horse Events

Exhibitors and horses must reside in Box Elder County to be eligible for the horse show and speed events.

Any complaint or grievance must be submitted in writing and filed with the Director immediately following the contest for review by the Horse Show Committee. Contestants or owners demonstrating any unsportsmanlike conduct will, if necessary, be suspended from further competition in the Box Elder County Horse Show and Speed Events.

Box Elder County and the Box Elder County Fair Board assume no liability for the injury to horses, property, exhibitors or spectators, or lost or stolen articles.

The Box Elder County Horse Show Committee reserves the right to change or cancel any show event.  There must be three or more entries to make a class. Contestant may enter the next most appropriate class if a class is cancelled because of lack of entries.

Ribbons and premium money must be picked up during event. Any horse showing in an ineligible class will forfeit ribbons and premium money won in previous classes. Youth are not permitted to ride in adult riding events.


Judged Events
Friday, August 28, 8:00 a.m.

Horses must be registered by Monday of the fair week.  Last opportunity to sign up:  Monday at the Speed Events.  There is NO LATE REGISTRATION.  NO ENTRY FEE is required.  Fill out entry form, using one entry form per exhibitor's horse. Additional entry forms may be obtained at the Fair Office, or you can photocopy this one.  PREFER ENTRIES TO COME BY EMAIL:  becf.horseshow@gmail.com

1st Place - $ 15 & ribbon

2nd Place - $12 & ribbon
3rd Place - $ 9 & ribbon
4th Place – $6 & ribbon
5th Place – $3 & ribbon

All breeds will be shown together. The Horse show will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m.  Check-in will begin at 7:15 a.m. and is restricted to horses residing in Box Elder County. 

Horses must be ready to show when class is called. THERE WILL BE NO LUNCH BREAK. Youth will enter classes according to their age the day of the event. Youth entering the 9 & under walk trot or lead-line class may not enter the 9 & under western horsemanship.  Lead line class does not receive premiums.

No one can share horses except for leadline.

No youth (18 & under) will be permitted to show a stallion in any class.

No bats, quirts, tie down, choke ropes or martingales are permitted in Horsemanship.



 -This event does not count towards All Around

 -No late sign-ups

  *Must be signed up by Wednesday the 26th

 -Appropriate music no longer than 3 minutes

 -Music must be turned in by 10 am on show day

            *Only CD, MP3, or Ipod

            *Must have name and song number written down

-Appropriate costumes!

            *NO tank tops, bikinis, etc

            *Shorts and t-shirts are allowed

-Must have a saddle and bridle on horse at all times

 -Must do required maneuvers for age group but are not limited to these maneuvers

  13 and Under Maneuvers

-Small Slow Circles (atleast one for each lead)

 -Large Fast Circle (atleast one for each lead)

 -Lead Changes (atleast one each direction)

-2 Spins each direction

 -Stop and Back

 -Rollback each direction


  14 and Older Maneuvers

 -Small Slow Circles (at least one for each lead)

 -Large Fast Circle (at least one for each lead)

 -Flying Lead Changes (at least one each direction)

 -4 Spins each direction

 -Stop and Back

 -Rollback each direction

  *For All-Around Title an exhibitor must designate which horse is to be used for points.  

*Only one horse can be used for All-Around Title. Walk/Trot does not count towards All Around.  In the result of a tie for All Around, the Trail event will be the tie breaker.