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Box Elder County School District is located at 960 South Main Street in Brigham City. You can reach them at 435-734-4800. Like any other place we value our future which is our children. In that we take pride in how our future is determined by selecting only the best for our children.  For transportation issues and busing call Jean Cannon @ 435-734-4839 or 435-279-8150. 

School Board Members
Nancy Kennedy -- President
Kevin Packer -- Vice-President
Connie Archibald -- Member
Lynn Capener -- Member
James Fuller -- Member
Bryan Smith -- Member
Heather Young -- Member
KarLee Nelson -- Student Member
Box Elder High School

Dr. Steven O. Laing Superintendent of Schools
Marsha Geisler Secretary
Julie Rupp Receptionist
Ronald Frandsen Business Administrator
Rodney L. Cook Director, Finance
Tonya Fowles Secretary, Purchasing
Treena Fronk Secretary, Fixed Assets
Lauri Pence Clerk, Accounts Payable
Michelle Westley Clerk, Payroll