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Links to resources in and outside Box Elder County that may be helpful to crime victims and others seeking resources. If you have suggestions for other links that may be useful on this page please contact us.
Office of Crime Victim Reparations
Link to form for receiving reparation money for personal crimes. From this site you may print the form and download the brochure to describe what items are covered and how to go about applying.

Court Schedule

Schedules of courts by location.  This is a direct link to Brigham City District Court showing court cases and times for approximately the next two weeks.


Allows you to register to be notified if an offender is released from custody, current custody status of offender. Dynamically linked to various correction facilities in this and many other states.

 Utah Crime Victims Legal Clinic

Provides free resources to crime victims when rights are at stake.  Links to Utah Law regarding victim rights.

 Online Court Assistance Program

Allows you to prepare several kinds of legal documents without an attorney, providing a step-by-step process for completing them and information regarding court fees and filing costs.

 New Hope Crisis Center

Domestic Violence shelter, Protective Order assistance, Education and Training, see site for services.