Recorder response to Covid-19
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As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, the Box Elder County Recorder's Office is striving to continue to accept and process new documents for recording, provide continued access to the land records, and also take steps to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Based on information from the health department, from state and local leaders, and the guidelines established by the CDC, the Box Elder County Recorder’s Office is providing the following services:

  ► Status of Office Operations
        ● Office hours 
              ♦ Monday – Friday 8AM to 5PM
        ● In person access is limited to appointments only
              ♦ Appointments can be made by calling 435-734-3395
        ● Online access is available 24/7 (see information below)

  ► Documents Being Processed
        ● Electronic recordings
              ♦ EPN
              ♦ Indecomm
              ♦ Ingeo
              ♦ Simplifile
        ● Mail / Shipping
              ♦ Fed-Ex 
              ♦ USPS
              ♦ UPS
        ● Drop-offs
              ♦ In-person by appointment only

  ► Online Services 
        ● Eagle Web Online Document search
              ♦ Fully Indexed documents from May 1986 to present (Book 417 to current Book)
                    ▪ Searchable by date, book & page, entry number, grantor, grantee, document type, or parcel number.
              ♦ Historical Abstract Books by section or by town for searching the historical documents
                    ▪ These records are scanned and are currently being added to the online library. 
                    ▪ We are working to make these available as quickly as possible.
              ♦ Historical Documents with limited index info from Jan 1857 through May 1986 (Book A to Book 416)
                    ▪ Historical document images are now online searchable by date, book & page, or by entry number. 
        ● Interactive GIS parcel map

  ► Online Fees 
        ● Online Document Fees
              ♦ Eagle Web Subscriptions
                    ▪ Subscription fees have been waved through May 1st
                    ▪ Paid subscription accounts will receive an extension equal to the waved period
        ● GIS Web Map Fees
              ♦ No Charge 
                    ▪ The online GIS web maps will continue to be open to use with no fees.

How to get Free online access to the Box Elder County property records:  If you are a first time user or don’t have a username and password, you need to create one.  Create a Username and Password. Once you have created a username and password or If you already have a login, contact the recorder’s office at 435-734-3395 and we will set your username to have temporary free access.