Recorder Fees
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Recording Fees

Fees established by  UCA 17-21-18.5 

$10.00   First Page Recorded
$2.00          - Each additional Page
$1.00          - Each additional description or unit over one. ("Together with", "Subject to", "Also" and/or "Excepting")
$1.00          - Each Right-of-Way, Etc.  ("Together with", "Subject to", "Also" and/or "Excepting") 
$1.00          - Each additional Name over Two (1st or 2nd party) includes AKA, FKA, DBA, etc.
$1.00          - Each additional Mining Claim over one
$1.00          - Each reference to Book, Page and/or Entry over one
$20.00   Two in One Documents, i.e. Sub of Trustee & Reconveyance, First Page Recorded
$4.00          - Any Additional Pages (Two in One Documents)
$2.00          - Any Additional Description or Unit Over One  (Two in One Documents)
$30.00   Subdivision Plat or Map Recorded (Each Sheet plus lots & signatures)
$1.00          - Each Lot or Unit Designation
$1.00          - Each Additional Signature Over Two
$10.00   Federal Tax Lien or Discharge of Lien
$20.00   Survey Plat  -  Filed as a Record of Survey  (Each Sheet )
$14.00   RESPA   Deed of conveyance   (Fixed Fee regardless of page count)
$40.00   RESPA   Deed of Trust    (Fixed Fee regardless of page count)
$14.00  RESPA   Assignment, when recorded concurrently with the assigned deed of trust

RESPA:  If a person submits for recording a document that is subject to and complies with the Real Estate Settlement and Procedure Act, 12 U.S.C. Sec. 2601 et seq. for a residential property described in Subsection (4)(a), the person shall notify the county recorder by including the word "RESPA" in at least 16 point font on the front page of each document. The County Recorder may use the RESPA fees listed above but is not required to refund a fee or change a fee amount shown on a recorded RESPA document.

Copy Fees

$0.50     Recorded Document, (Per Page)
$2.00     Ownership Maps (Full size or smaller)
$4.00     Dedication or Subdivision Plats  (Full size or smaller)             
$0.25     Tax Roll, Legal Description, Abstract, or Report  (Per Page)
$0.25     Non-Research Copies    (Per Page)
$5.00     Certify a Document (Plus copy fees)
$ 0.25    Tax cards (Per Page)
$2.00     Copies printed by the Recorder's Office Staff, (Per Page)
$4.00     Survey Plats (Full size or smaller)   
$75.00   Query Fee    (For extracting info from the database or finding and pulling historical information)


Copy Policy: Copy machines and printers are used only for producing copies of the official record or for other county government use.

Updated June 2016
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