Probate Judges
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Probate Judges 1856-1896

Box Elder County was established by act of the Territorial Legislature in 1856. Governor Brigham Young signed the enabling legislation which provided for various county offices, including an administrative unit referred to as a County Court. The court consisted of three selectmen elected by popular vote and a probate judge appointed by the governor of the territory. The probate judge usually served as chairman of the court.
In 1896, the position of probate judge as a part of the county governing body was eliminated. The County Court became the County Commission and members of the Commission were designated as County Commissioners, whereas, prior to 1896, they were called selectmen. The County Commission selects one of the three members of the Commission to serve as chairman.

Elias Smith
Jonathan ("J.C.") Wright
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith
John D. Burt
P.F. Madsen
John D. Peters
E.P. Johnson
Edward B. Kirk
H.L. Steed
Apr 1857-May 1869
May 1869-May 1881
Oct 1881-Oct 1883
May 1881-Jul 1881
Oct 1883-Jan 1887
Feb 1887-Jan 1889
Dec 1890-Mar 1892
May 1892-Apr 1894
May 1894-May 1895