Press Release
Date August 3, 2011 - Time 8:00 pm
LOCATION – 6300 N Hwy 38, Honeyville Utah
AGENCIES/OFFICERS INVOLVED – Box Elder County Sheriff, Brigham Ambulance, Utah Highway Patrol, Honeyville First Responders
RELEASEABLE INFORMATION – At the above date and time, a 70 year old male was seriously injured when his ATVfell into a silage pit. He fell about 16 feet and the his ATV landed on top of him. The man was riding alone on private property next to his own house. A neighbor saw the accident occur and called 911.   First Responders and Brigham Ambulance responded to the scene and the ambulance transported him to the Brigham Hospital. A medical helicopter was called to the scene but diverted to the hospital instead.
The persons name is not being released pending notification of family members.
Update-   The victim was pronounced dead by a doctor at the Brigham Hospital at 8:50 pm on 8/3/2011.   The family is still making notifications today and the name won't be released until tomorrow.
RELEASED BY  - Chief Deputy Kevin Potter              OK   Yes
Information released by fax    No
Name/address/photograph releasable   No
Name/address/photograph not released due to ongoing investigation
J. Lynn Yeates     Sheriff