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Photography Schedule
Tuesday, August 25
Entries accepted from 1 - 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 29
Exhibits released after 9:30 p.m. 

Brent Macfarlane

Josie Hinckle
Assistant Director


You may enter your exhibit ONLINE>fair>online entry beginning July 20 but no later than midnight on August 24,2020.  Please identify the category in the description (example:  Department – 007, Class – B, Lot – 1, Title.  The online entry website will send a confirmation email to the fair.  You do not need to bring paperwork with your exhibit.  Online entry is strongly recommended but not required.

Premiums and Prizes
Class A & B
Blue:  (90-100 points) $ 3.00
Red:  (80-89 points)     $ 2.00
White:  65 - 79 points) $ 1.00
Class C
Blue: (90-100 points) $ 2.00
Red:  (80 - 89 points)  $ 1.00
White:  (65-79 points) $   .50
SWEEPSTAKES:  Rosette and $ 12.00
HONORABLE MENTION:  Rosette and $ 8.00

Dalton's will provide a $ 25.00 gift certificate to the Overall Honorable Mention Winner and a $ 50.00 gift certificate to the Overall Sweepstakes Winner.




1.      The following information must be on the back of each print at the top even if it is entered online: Exhibitor’s name, address, phone number, division (Professional, Amateur, Jr. Amateur) and title of photo (the title will be displayed on your name tag). NO information allowed on front of entry.

2.      NO FRAMED PHOTOS WILL BE ALLOWED! All photos must be permanently affixed to a mount board that is approximately 1/8” to ¼” thick. The mount board can be a standard matte or a foam core; NO corrugated cardboard, wood, masonite, poster board or; NO glass covered, or shrink wrapped entries, NO hanging devices or protrusions on the back or front of prints: NO MAT’S OVER PHOTO. Digital edges/borders are acceptable. Your entries will be attached to a carpeted wall using Velcro tabs applied to the back of the image’s mount board. If entries fall due to poor mounting, we will not attempt to repair them. There will be a limited number of mount boards available for purchase on Tuesday for $ 4 each.

3.      Prints may be surface coated with a protective photographic lacquer or spray gloss.

4.      Only photographs taken within two years prior to the fair should be entered. Photos entered in previous fairs are excluded.

5.      A maximum of two photographs per person in classes A - C may be entered, space allowing. Please indicate your first choice entry if space allows only one print.

6.      Entries must be delivered to the registrars in the Event Center at the fairgrounds on Tuesday between 1 - 8 p.m.

7.       Items entered are at the owner’s risk. The Fair cannot be responsible for loss or damage.

8.      Photos will be released Saturday after 9:30 p.m. when claim check is presented. Please collect premiums during the fair. Monies not claimed by the close of the Fair on Saturday will be returned to the general fund. 

9. Judging will be done by people who have various biases and preferences but they will try to be fair and rate the criteria as described. Decision will be final!


Division and Print Size Requirements

Class A Professional - Anyone who considers oneself as such, or makes considerable money selling photos – mount size 16” X 20” (Photo may be any size if using digital borders, etc., but the overall mount must be 16” X 20”. No smaller and no larger.)

Class B Amateur - Open to those 18 and over, who do not sell or produce photographic work for sale or profit-mount size 8” X 10” (Photo may be any size if using digital borders, etc., but the overall mount must be 8” X 10”. No smaller and no larger.)

Class C Junior Amateur - 17 and under-mount size 8” X 10” (Photo may be any size if using digital borders, etc., but the overall mount must be 8” X 10”. No smaller and no larger.)

Class D - County Commissioner's Choice (explanation below)

Maximum of 100 points per photo

Focus/Sharpness – Are the central features of the photo in sharp focus? If not, do the non-sharp objects appear to enhance the photo in some artistic way?
Composition – Are the objects of the photo arranged in a pleasing and meaningful way? Are lines, curves, and shapes used in any interesting way?
Impact – Excitement that is created by subject matter (lighting, unusual point of view, etc.)
Lighting – Is there a pleasing balance of mid-tones surrounded by meaningful use of highlight and shadow? Do dark and bright extremes detract from the main image content?
Creativity – Does the photographer show some creative thought in the use of previous criteria or an original idea in making this photo?

Please submit one photograph (can be in addition to two allowed in classes A-C) of anything showing how you perceive life in Box Elder County. This can be anything from people, activities, or scenic photographs that show the diversity of the county. One entry per person. Each photograph submitted must be 8” X 10” and mounted on mountboard. DO NOT FRAME PHOTOGRAPHS! This category will be judged by the County Commissioner’s based on quality, impact, and how well the photograph represents the theme of the competition. A twenty five dollar cash prize will be awarded to the winner.