Angie & Travis Johnsen
PO Box 282
Garland, UT  84312

Wednesday, August 26 at 5:00 p.m.

600 South Tremont to 600 North Tremont in Tremonton, Utah

We are happy to welcome everyone to the county fair parade. There are wonderful people lining the streets and wonderful people parading down the street. The parade begins a great celebration of our county’s excellence. See you at the parade!

Box Elder County Fair Parade Rules and Guidelines!


Please read and sign the release and waiver on the application.  If distributing items to the crowd, please also initial that you understand the consequences of not obeying the rules. 


There will be no throwing, tossing, or squirting anything!  No objects of any kind (candy, toys, balls, water, etc) shall be thrown, tossed, squirted or propelled by any means from any horse, livestock, vehicle, float, motorcycle, four-wheeler, bicycle, scooter, skateboard, or any other moving device.  If you disobey this rule, you will be removed from the parade at the next available intersection.  Also, your organization will not be allowed to participate in future Box Elder County Fair Parades. This is a very serious issue, due to the danger that could occur.  It is very important for the safety of everyone.

1)     If desired, items or objects previously approved by the Parade Chairman may be handed out by an approved individual who is walking with the parade entry along the edge of the crowd.

2)     Conduct of any nature, which would encourage or entice members of the crowd or other spectators to come into the street, is prohibited.

3)     We ask that you keep no more than 2 car lengths between you and the entry in front of you.  This will keep things moving smoothly, avoiding “GAPS” and “SQUISHERS”.  Try to be aware of this on your own.

4)     The Release and waiver must be signed and dated.  Also those wanting to distribute items must also initial that they are aware of the consequences of not obeying the rules on distribution of items.

5)     All motorized vehicles must require the necessary insurance to be used on public roads and highways.

6)     Any and all horses, livestock, vehicles, motorcycles, four-wheelers, floats, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and any other moving devices (both motorized and non-motorized) shall be operated only in the street and only in a reasonable and safe manner so as not to endanger the health or safety of any individuals.  The operators must have a valid driver’s license or completed course certifications.  Safety is our number one concern.  Drivers will obey all laws, regulations, and City ordinances.  Please be sure you have qualified drivers.

7)     The Parade Chairman may impose any additional rules, which he/she may deem necessary for the safe, peaceful, and successful conduct of the parade.

8)     These parade rules will be strictly monitored and enforced by the Tremonton Police Department and other assigned parade officials.  Violation of any of these parade rules my result in immediate removal from the parade and potential civil and/or criminal liability.



Please distribute a copy of these rules and guidelines to those who will be the actual participants in the parade.  Please help us to keep everyone safe and to have an enjoyable parade.

Your parade line up number and instructions will be mailed to you around August 10th.  Thank you!