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Online Property Information System (OPIS)

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OPIS is out of date & will no longer be updated. 
Please use the new EAGLE WEB.
See below for more Information.

The Box Elder County Recorder's Office has switchd to new software and therfore the old OPIS system can no longer be suported or updated.

The new web version of the tyler eagle software is called eagle web.  It has all of the old information from our old system and is being updated with all of the new documents that are recorded.  Please be patient with us as we continue to work through our transition.

As a convience we have a temporary unrestricted version of Eagle Web avaliable to view property accounts and documents while we work to close the gap of avaliable indexed information.  Once we have closed the gap, document portions of  Eagle Web will require a username & password while the property and account portion will remain open to public access.

Link to the Eagle Web.
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