New Justice Court Center
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New Justice Court Center

Box Elder County Justice Center

The deal is done. As of August 10, 2009 Box Elder County is the new excited owner of the former Stock Lumber building. The facility, located at 81 North Main in Brigham City, will soon be the new site of the county’s justice court. And not only the court, but the home of the Motor Vehicle Division and the county attorney’s office. 
And soon is the key. Donnie Tarver, the county’s supervisor over building and maintenance came to commission meeting the following day, August 11, to authorize an interior demolition to begin the very next day, August 12. The purpose of the demolition, which is being done “in-house” at a cost of $ 15,000 (an actual savings of about $ 7,000 if it were contracted out), is being done early-on to reveal any problems to be included in the bidding when it goes out—avoiding unexpected problems and increased costs later on.

The building, which after being evaluated by an independent architectural firm was found to be in sound condition, will remain.   A complete interior and exterior remodel is expected to be more cost effective than starting from scratch.

The county had set aside $ 2.5 million in its capital improvement fund for a future court house. After a long and thorough search of possible locations for the courthouse, the Stock building came available at an opportune time. 

The location is ideally situated:  kitty-corner to the Box Elder Courthouse and directly next door to the First Judicial Court where it is anticipated savings will be realized in shared security services between the two facilities.   The building was purchased for $ 515,000 with expected remodel and renovations to cost approximately $ 1 million. The county is also hoping to cash-in on state grant money provided for energy-efficient renovation of buildings.