NACo Prescription Discount Card Program

One health care benefit for citizens of Box Elder County that originated in the heart of Washington, D.C., but not on the congressional floor, is the NACo Prescription Discount Card Program--a valuable, and under-used, program available to all citizens of the county, especially to those without medical insurance coverage.
This program, which began by NACo at the urging of county officials across the nation to help people, who without medical insurance face daunting prescription costs, provides prescription medicine at a discount of up to 24%. 
An individual, who either does not have insurance or even those insured that might be purchasing prescription drugs not covered under their insurance, can, with card in hand, receive a discount at participating pharmacies in Brigham City and Tremonton. In fact, prescriptions can be purchased at pharmacies in any of the more than 1,250 counties across the nation that are participating in the NACo program.
NACo, in partnership with CVS Caremark, a prescription drug provider, originally piloted the prescription discount program in 2004. The program was introduced to Box Elder County by the then County Commissioners who, learning of the program at an annual NACo Convention, saw the dollar savings it could afford their constituents, and brought the idea back home.
According to the NACo website, key factors of the program are:
It’s easy –There are no enrollment fees or forms to fill out. An entire family is covered with just  one card. Cards are available at the Historic County Building in the HR Office and at participating pharmacies—just ask!
It’s free – CVS Caremark negotiates prices with local pharmacies. There is no cost to the county,  county taxpayers, or consumers to participate.

Consumers always receive the lowest price –On occasion, pharmacies will price a particular medication lower than the discount rate available with the NACo card. If that occurs, consumers  will receive the best price available from that pharmacy.