Junior Livestock Sale
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Junior Livestock Sale

Box Elder Junior
Livestock Auction

Chubb Munns- Director, 435-279-3192
Lyle Holmgren- Director of Information Technology, 435-279-4400
Cleve Steed-
Committee Member, 435-452-1676
Jacob Secrist- Committee Member, 435-225-3528
Roche- Committee Member, 435-230-0807
Fred and Laura Selman- Committee Members, 435-257-7201
Richard Holmgren, Auctioneer
(435) 279-8766
Reed Stokes, Auctioneer
(435) 230-0695
Carl Van Tassell, Auctioneer
(208) 431-3405

2018 Junior Livestock Participant Guidelines

1. Participants must be local 4-H or FFA members residing in Box Elder County and must abide by the general rules.

2. Any market animals going thru the Box Elder 4-H/FFAJunior Livestock Auction cannot be sold in any other prior junior livestock auction. The exhibitor will be disqualified from the fair and be subject to disciplinary actions.

3. All animals sold at the junior livestock auction are consigned to the auction and cannot be removed from the fairgrounds without the permission of your livestock director.

4. No partnership, club or chapter entries will be allowed to sell a market animal through the sale.

5. Any market animal excluding the grand and reserve champions not wishing to sell their animal must so indicate to the department supervisor one hour after the selection of that division’s grand champion animal.

6. All animals will be sold by the head, instead of by the pound at the sale.

7. All blue and red ribbon animals will sell during the Junior Livestock Sale. White ribbon animals will not be permitted to sell in the auction.

8. Married persons are not eligible to show or sell an animal thru the Junior Livestock Sale.

9. Exhibitors will be allowed to show and sell one of the following categories: 1) 1 steer, 2) 1 hog, or 3) 1 lamb.

10. Exhibitors who voluntarily withdraw or have their animal pulled from the sale will not be eligible to receive boosts through the Junior Livestock Sale nor will the BEJL auction allow boosts or have responsibility for animal or exhibitor.

11. The exhibitor is required to show and sell their own animal. If not they will be sifted from the show and the auction. Any exceptions require written permission from the livestock director.

12. Those donating to Friends of the Fair will not be listed or recognized individually. Only those buyers who buy or boost in their own name will receive recognition.

13. All sales are final. If you wish to keep an animal to butcher or take home, you will pay the full price. No private treaties will be accepted and there will be no lot card changes without prior consent of the current buyer and livestock director.

14. Livestock Residency Rule: In order to qualify to show market livestock in the Box Elder Junior Livestock Show, 4-H and FFA exhibitors must currently reside in Box Elder County and must be currently enrolled in a Box Elder County school or a school pre-approved by the livestock committee. The school the exhibitor is attending must be indicated on the project agreement signed at the tagging of the project. Failure to comply with this ruling will result in the market livestock exhibitor being disqualified from the show and losing all auction proceeds. Exhibitor eligibility will be determined by the livestock committee.

15. All exhibitors who sell an animal through the junior livestock sale will be required to submit a record book to complete their project. Failure to complete and submit the record book by January 31, 2018 will make the exhibitor ineligible to sell an animal in the 2018 Junior Livestock Sale.


Thanks to those individuals who donate lambs for the auction luncheon and to the Pork Producers, Cattlemen’s Association, Maddox, Kent’s Market, Prarie Schoon and Coca Cola for donating to the auction luncheon.

Thanks to all the volunteers who help prepare and serve, making it possible for everyone to enjoy a wonderful lunch at the Junior Livestock sale.