ITS Projects
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Current ITS Projects

  • Expansion of Disaster Recovery - Pick an additional site geographically separate form the Courhouse and jail for data replication of essential Courhouse and Law Enforcement data.  Working on it.
  • Expand Fairgrounds wireless network, install server and switches, create a domain and network fairground buildings and pc's together.  We are also going to install a camera in the auction barn for viewing the auction at remote locations.  DONE
  • Stream live and recorded audio and video of Commission meeting to the Internet. 
  • Consolidation of magnetic security door system control via SQL based software.  We will be able to remotely manage, open, and lock all magnetic and automatic locking doors from any connection to the software.  We currently have magnetic or automatic locking doors at the Historic Courthouse, Justice Center, Jail and Fairgrounds.
  • Expansion of security camera system to the Fairgrounds and the County Gravel Pit.
  • Install a sound system at the fairgrounds that will utilize our fiber network to share resources and allow the systems in each building to be combined or used as individual systems. DONE