Information Technology Service Helpdesk

Employees have several options in obtaining help from the IT department.  Each has its own advantage and disadvantage.  Telephone calls and face to face requests are immediate and are usually adequate.  Often we may be working on several issues at a time and unfortunately when you pass us in the hall or call us to inform us of your issue, it may fall through the cracks as we work at completing our current task at hand. 

To help preserve the details of your request, you can also send an Email to  When you send an email to that address it immediately sends a notification with the details you include to our email boxes and also our phones. 

Want to try some DIY? You can visit our online Helpdesk Portal.  When visiting the Portal you have more options.  You will have the option to log in with your network username and password (the same you log into your computer with when you come to work).  You will then be able to submit a ticket online, view (and edit) your previously submitted open tickets or view a new but growing knowledge base that has how tos of some basic tasks.  When you submit a ticket via the portal, your ticket again is immediately sent to us.