Inmate Interviews
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Police Inmate Interviews

To whom it may concern:
                   Do to the increasing number of inmate interviews and disruption of the corrections staff and their duties at the Box Elder County Jail, the following will happen. As of March 1st 2011 appointments will need to be made at the jail. Interview hours will be made with the visiting desk   (435)734-3830 there will be no interviews on Monday’s due to court and transportation issues.
Tue/Wed/Thur/ Fri from 1000-1700 Saturday’s from 0900-1500
        Sunday’s and after hours you will need to schedule the appointment with the Sergeant in Booking. If a Sergeant is not available The Jail Commander can be contacted,@ (435)734-3838. 
The interview will take place after official i.d. has been given to the visitation officer and you sign in, a Visitors pass will be issued. All interviews will be conducted in visitation #5. You will need to bring your own recorder for your interview. If it is a critical case that needs to be video recorded, please contact Sgt Bowcutt @ (435)734-3857
Thank You!