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Expanding Economic Diversification:
The County is committed to:
  • Diversifying the nature and number of contributors to our economic base.
  • Encouraging growth that is consistent with and embraces the security of the County's quality of life.
  • Preserving and strengthening the viability of the agriculture sector of the County economy.

Quality of Services:
We are committed to developing an economic base that will:

  • Support the delivery of community services which promote the quality of educational instruction in our schools.
  • Enhance recreational and cultural opportunities.
  • Provide for the availability of affordable and desirable housing.
  • Ensure the delivery of cost efficient and reliable utility services.

Infrastructure has been the driving force for economic development in the United States for over 150 years. In Box Elder County, Utah, at Promontory Summit on May, 10, 1869, the last spike was driven to complete this nation's first Transcontinental Railroad connecting the East and West. The railroad brought many improvements and business enterprises to any state or territory it ran through. In the mid 1900's, the Interstate Highway System, I-15 and I-84 were built through Box Elder County, bringing manufacturing and distribution. Telecommunications is the infrastructure of the 21st Century with a unique combination of County, Cities, and Schools combining to bring the most advanced telecom possibilities to Box Elder County. Brigham City owns their own power utility with the rest of the County being served by PacifiCorp.

Box Elder County is not considered a non-attainment area for PM10 particulate emmissions or ozone. We have wide open spaces and clean air.