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Human Resources is open by appointment or online only.  Please contact us at the number below if you need an appointment or assistance.


Box Elder County Human Resources

01 S. Main, Room 33, Brigham City , UT 84302
Located at Main Street and Forest Street,
In the Historic County Courthouse
Phone:  435-734-3348  
Fax Number:  435-734-2038

Human Resources Manager - Jenica Stander

Human Resources Benefits, Payroll and Wellness Technician - Diane Olson

Human Resources Wellness Coordinator - Mariana Hernandez

Information for Box Elder County Employees:

Box Elder County Benefits:

Employee Assistance Program – Blomquist Hale
Customer Service or to arrange confidential counseling
with a trained professional call: 1-800-926-9619

Health Insurance – PEHP
Customer Service: 1-800-765-7347 

Dental Insurance – Dental Select
Customer Service: 1-800-999-9789 Dental Select

Retirement – Utah State Retirement
Customer Service: 1-800-365-8772 Utah Retirement Systems(URS)

Life Insurance – Hartford
Customer Service: 1-800-523-2233 Hartford Life Insurance

Cafeteria Flex Plan Section 125 – National Benefit Services
Customer Service: 1-800-274-0503 NBS Flex Plan

Health Savings Account - Health Equity
Customer Service:  1-866-346-5800

Legal Shield - For info, click here!

Workers Compensation Fund of Utah First Report of Injury or Illness Form

Click Here for Current Job Postings

Click here to download our Employment Application.  Download and save the application to your computer to edit.  After filling out, you can save and print your application.