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With increased development in Box Elder County, providing adequate and affordable housing opportunities is emerging as a top County priority.
Box Elder County understands the relationship between sustained economic growth and housing availability. County and community housing plans that provide adequate and affordable housing opportunities and encourage residential development patterns that are compatible with the existing rural lifestyle and small-town atmosphere enhance the county's attractiveness to potential businesses.

The County has identified the need to better understand area housing needs and will work with community leaders, developers and citizens to identify ways in which these issues can be politically and socially addressed.

The County will support community and private efforts to construct affordable housing units to the extent that these projects are compatible with existing residential development patterns.

Box Elder County Housing Availability Committee

As part of its economic development efforts, Box Elder County has organized a county-level housing committee. The purpose of this committee is articulated in its Mission Statement as follows:

"The Housing Availability Committee, under the direction of the Box Elder County Economic Development Department, is to act as an advisory resource on County housing issues and recommend possible methods for offering increased diversity in housing which meets a wide range of needs and expectations, strengthening the purpose of economic stability and satisfaction of the County and its citizens."