Heavy Horse Events
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                                               DRAFT OR HEAVY HORSE EVENTS

                                                      RULES AND REGULATIONS
This is a draft or heavy horse event with hitch classes, teamster events and open classes. The hitch
classes are open to draft horse breeds including Belgian, Clydesdales, Percherons, Shires, Suffolks,
Mules, Light horses and Grade horses of these breeds.
Mules and light breeds of driving horses will be able to enter the open classes including the teamster
All participants, including the hitch horse and open class horses/mules, may enter the 4-Abreast, 4-
Horse Driving Competition, Junior Team and Junior Cart. Senior drivers are not eligible to drive in any
other classes if they enter any of the classes underlined above. With the exception of the Junior classes,
no additional premium will be paid to Level Pay Hitch entries.
1. Any person violating these rules and regulations shall be disqualified and forfeit any entry fees or
premium that may be awarded. The Show committee will settle any discrepancies.
2. Exhibitors of animals or other items liable to occasional accidents, injury or damage to persons
coming into contact therewith, shall guard their exhibits in such a way as to protect the public. Any
horses(s) or mules(s) out of control of seemingly dangerous, may be asked to leave the arena or the
grounds and forfeit entry fees/premium money. Any horses involved in an accident at previous shows
here or otherwise and deemed unsafe by the committee, may be asked to leave and all premiums may
be forfeited. Owners of unsafe animals will be subject to paying for damages caused by the accident.
3. Exhibitors make entry at their own risk and release the Box Elder County Fair, the show committee
and volunteers, Box Elder County and it’s employees from all liability of any kind; or loss of property, life,
demands, costs, charges and expenses that may be incurred by reason of any accidents, omissions,
conducts or fault of any kind. You must have your own insurance to cover any personal loss as a result of
any accident, illness or injury and insurance to cover injury caused by you, your animals, crew or
4. The Fair Board President of the Box Elder County Fair shall have general supervision of the grounds,
the entire exhibition as well as control of the show rules and regulations with support of the show
committee. Should there be any dispute or misunderstanding which none of the Rules and Regulations
will govern, the Show Committee, acting as a Protest Committee, shall have the final and absolute right
to alter, interpret, apply or change these rules and regulations as may become necessary.
5. Any disputes with showmen, officials or any other individuals will be handled by the Show
Committee, without public display. Anyone creating an unfavorable scene may be asked to leave the
fairgrounds. Any exhibitor who may desire to enter a protest must enter such protest in writing prior to
the close of the show.
6. Any error in recording premiums caused by oversight shall be subject to correction whenever proof
of a mistake is furnished to the Show Committee within one week after the show.
7. Entries for all classes must be received by August 18, 2015. Any late entries may be accepted until
August 24 if space allows, but after the date, no entries will be accepted. Late entry fee is $12.50 per
class. Insurance is required to participate.
8. Exhibitors shall keep their animals in the stalls provided at the fairgrounds. All horse/mules must be
tied while in the stalls. Bedding will be provided. Make arrangements with the show committee in
advance if you would like to purchase hay. You may wish to bring your own partitions. Tack stalls will
be $10 per day and will be available only if there is space. For early arrival or extended stay please make
prior arrangement by calling Jan Rhodes at 435-279-0106.
9. If stalls are full, no entries will be accepted after the deadline. Entries may be accepted on a first
come first serve basis until the spaces are filled. All fees must be paid at the time of entry.
10. Each exhibitor must wear the correct number for that class. Numbers may be attached to person,
cart or wagon.
11. All dogs shall be kept on leashes at all times while on the fairgrounds. No dogs are allowed in the
12. No horse or mule is to be shown if it has been given any forbidden substance defined as any
controlled substance scheduled by the DEA. This includes stimulants, depressants, and all anabolic
steroids. The respective committee reserves the right to test any horse or mule for the presence of
forbidden substances.
1. Out of state horses: a health certificate is required within 30 days, with a negative Coggins test
within twelve (12) months.
2. All horses being hauled to or in the state must have a brand inspection from point of origin or if your
state does not required brand inspections you must receive one prior to entering or leaving Utah. If you
need a brand inspection done here, let the committee know and an inspector will be called. Any fees
will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.
3. You should check with your own state for any other requirements to enter Utah or to re-enter your
own state.
4. At the discretion of the show committee, veterinarians may inspect animals before exhibition to
determine that the animals are free from any evidence of infectious or contagious diseases or
ectoparasites. Exhibitors should be aware that ringworm, warts, pinkeye, strangles, contagious
ecthyma, scabies, lice, mites, ticks and fleas all fall into these categories.
5. It is recommended that you vaccinate your horses for influence prior to attending any events where
other horses are being shown or stabled. Consult with your veterinarian for any other vaccination
1. For safety sake, one adult rider shall be on the seat with the driver in each hitch or open classes
consisting of more than two horses. No more than one rider is allowed and no one shall be
allowed in the back of the wagon. An adult rider must be on the seat with any Jr. Driver.
2. Animals shall be hitched to an appropriate vehicle for the class entered, and should be clean and
well groomed; we recommend rolled manes for hitch classes. All harness should be clean and in
good repair. This is a show, put on your best presentation.
3. The driver and assistants are asked to dress in appropriate, neat and clean attire and present
the entry with clean equipment in a safe condition.
4. No persons shall be permitted in the ring during the time of the judging of performance classes
except the judge, ring steward, official photographer, and one groom or header for each exhibit.
Those involved with pattern setup may also be in the arena.
5. Any exhibitor, assistant, spectator or other persons attempting to interfere with the judge or
manage, in the performance of his/her duties in any manner may be asked to leave the facility
and shall forfeit any monies, ribbons or awards.
6. All exhibitors should plan to attend the exhibitor’s meeting at 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, in the arena.
All entries shall be ready well in advance of class time to avoid delays. Fillers between some of
the classes will be provided to allow time for a hitch change. If you need more time, notify the
show chairperson prior to the show so consideration may be addressed. The maximum time
limit shall be five minutes after the ring steward calls the class. The gate will be held 2 minutes
for late entries after the class is called. Tardy entries will not be allowed to show or enter the
7. There will be a $10.00 entry fee/$12.50 late registration fee charged for each class and should
be sent in with the entry form. Applies to hitch and open class exhibitors.