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2018 Junior Goat Show
Trudy Smith

Gene Stephens
Assistant Director

2018 Junior Goat Schedule
: Tuesday, August 21..........3:00 – 4:00 PM
Show: Wednesday, August 23...........7:00 PM
Premiums: Blue - $6.00, Red - $4.00, White - $2.00

1. All goats must meet standard health requirements as determined by the director and attending veterniarian. Any sick animal will not be displayed and must be removed from the show immediately. 

2. Animals are entered at owner’s own risk, but everything will be done to assure the safety of the exhibit.

3. Each owner will be responsible to see that their entries are fed and watered and pens are kept clean daily.

4. No billy goats will be permitted in the program, only does and wethers.

5. All goats, Market as well as Dairy and Breeding, must have been owned and fed in the county by the exhibitor at least 60 days prior to the show. Individual ownership shall be indicated at the assigned tagging date for Market Goats. There will be an open registration from June 1 to July 1 for all other Breeding Dairy, Novelty and Boars.

6. Exhibitor must be registered 4-H/FFA members of Box Elder County, and must abide by the general rules to participate in the Market Goat portion of the show. All open and breeding goats must be shown by kindergarten - 12th grades to participate.

7. Market goat show will be open to all doelings and wethers, all doelings must be identified with a scrapies tag, wethers will not be required to have one.

8. 4-H/FFA members can tag up to 3 goats for the Box Elder County Fair. Families with a registered 4-H/FFA member with fewer than 3 goats may tag an alternate/family project animal as long as the project is used by an immediate family member (brother or sister). If any family member has 3 goats tagged they will not be permitted to use a family spare.

9. All market goats must weigh a minimum of 40 lbs when crossing the scale the day of the weigh in of the fair and must be able to show milk teeth fully intact. (You will be asked to show teeth to a director).

10. NO vaccinations or antibiotics may be given to a goat 30 days prior to the fair.


Market Show Goat

1. All market goats will be placed in classes by weight.

2. All Star Class animals as noted by the judge will return for the Championship Drive to compete for Grand and Reserve Champion Market Goat. All goats in the Championship drive will receive Star Class ribbons.

3. Please remember market goats are NOT permitted to sell at the Junior Livestock Auction at this time. Thus allowing the 4-H/FFA member to have another market animal (beef, sheep, hog) tagged to show and sell in its respected market class.

a. Blue Ribbon - $6.00

b. Red Ribbon - $4.00

c. White Ribbon - $2.00


Market Goat Showmanship

a. Is open to all 4-H/FFA members exhibiting a goat at the county fair.

b. Classes will be broken up into 3 groups:

       3rd - 5th grade Juniors

       6th - 8th grade Intermediate

       9th - 12th grade Senior


*A prize will be presented to the best display; best display can be done by individual, family, club or chapter. All displays must be finished by Wednesday at 12 noon. We would like to see displays that identify the youth and their projects.

   Championship buckles will be presented to Grand and Reserve Market Goat Showmanship. Prizes will be given to those who place up the 5th place in each group.

Breeding Goat Show

1. All breeding goats will check in at 2 p.m. Show will begin promptly at 7 p.m.

2. Open to all 4H/FFA youth ages kindergarten to 12th grade, Youth kindergarten through 2nd grade (not registered in 4-H) should wear a nice white button down shirt. Youth who are registered in 4-H must wear appropriate 4-H attire (FFA jacket, tie, etc) to enter the ring.

3. Each exibitor can tag up to 2 goats per class, and show no more than 4 animals total, no more than 1 per class.

4. Classes will be broken up into kids less than 1 year; yearlings; and mature goats greater than 2 years old.

5. Because of the amount of goats and only so many pens, only Overall Grand Champion goat and the Grand and Reserve breed champions will be asked to stay for the remainder of the fair to represent your breed all week.


Fitting and Showmanship Contest

a. Youth will be broken up into four classes:

         Open class (kindergarten to 2nd grade)

         Junior class (3rd to 5th grade)

         Intermediate (6th to 8th grade)

         Senior (9th to 12th grade)

b. Showmanship will be held immediately following the selection of overall goat.

c. Prizes will be given for 1st through 5th place.


a. Blue Ribbon - $6.00

b. Red Ribbon - $4.00

c. White Ribbon - $2.00