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Emergency Notification

Box Elder County uses several methods to gather residents home and cell phone numbers so they can be notified in the event of an emergency.   The traditional home phone, or landline, gets registered automatically by the 911 system. If you can dial 911 from your house phone, you are registered.

                Many people have switched to cell phones as their only phones. There is a system that exists for presidentially declared disasters to alert all cell phones hitting a cell tower in a certain area, without you having to register your phone. You do need to have agreed to accept these type of warnings in your cell phones settings so check your owner's manual if you aren't sure. This is a great system for big events, like a hurricane or tornado.   However, this system doesn't allow for smaller, local events.

                The only way to gather cell phone numbers for county residents for local alerts is if you give us your cell number. This is done through a cell phone registry on the county website.   This is a great tool but only a small percent of residents have signed up.   Please sign up and help spread the word.

                When you use the cell phone registry, our behind the scenes, commercial partner is called CityWatch. CityWatch was bought by CodeRed and the name will change soon. If you have already registered your cell phone, that information will transfer from CityWatch to Code Red.  

                Another commercial partner the county uses is Ping4alerts. This is an app that is downloaded on smart phones only.   Downloading the app is generally easier and faster than manually entering the information at the registry.   Ping4alerts only had a one year contract and will not be renewed with the county at this time. However, Ping4alerts is used all over the county and is a valuable tool to have downloaded.

Please call me with any questions about the notification systems.

Kevin Potter , Box Elder County Emergency Manager, 435-734-3814

Emergency Notification by Phone is Still Available

If you'd like to register a phone number with our system so you will be
notified of emergencies happening in your area

New Toll Free Number Available

Box Elder County now has a new toll free number to allow wider access for those outside of the Brigham City area.  This number is
1-877-390-2326.  The older 257-5810 phone number has been disconnected.