Fine Arts
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Fine Arts


Department Director:  Marie Miller 435-279-5133


Adult Art (Ages 19 and up)          

Director: Marie Miller 435-279-5133
Assistant Director:  Karen Christensen 435-230-0315

Youth Art (Ages 11-18)

Director:  Gloria Rudd 435-279-6246
Assistant Director:  Kathi Potter 435-279-7330

Children’s Art
Director:  Courtney Parkinson  208-709-6731
Assistant Director: Susie Clark 435-225-4086

Literature & Poetry
Director:  Jessica Morris 435-452-2449

Important Dates:

Entries will be accepted Tuesday August 24th  1-8:00 pm





  1.     Entrants must be residents of Box Elder County
  2.     Only 1 entry per person allowed
  3.     Work entered in previous fairs is not allowed
  4.     All mediums (oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc.) accepted
  5.     All work must be original, meaning it’s entirely the work of the artist. No paint by numbers, coloring pages, etc. will be allowed.

             Entries deemed inappropriate for family viewing will be rejected

  1.     Frames and/or mats are not required unless the entry wins (including Children’s). In that case, please securely frame your artwork and equip it with screw      eyes and wire.

     7.    No Photoshop work or editing allowed, other than cropping

  1.     Children’s Art – No sculpture or pottery

Categories / Types of Mediums

1. Painting: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Watercolor Pencils, Tempera, Gouache, Mixed Media, etc.

2. Drawing: Pencil, Colored Pencil, Ink, Marker, Crayon, Scratchboard, Watercolor Pencil, Chalk, Oil Pastel, Chalk Pastel, Conte` Crayon,Charcoal, Graphite,         Mixed Media, etc.

3. Printmaking: Woodcut, Linocut, Etching, Screen-print, Mono-print, Block print, Lithography, Stamping, Airbrush, Spray Paint

4. Sculpture & Pottery: Clay, Stone, Metal, Wood, Polymer Clay, Wax, Marble, etc.

5. Other: Collage, Assemblage, Computer (original - NO programs), Paper Cutting, Engraving, Gold Leafing, etc. 


 First, second, and third place will be awarded in each class and determined by the number of “Likes” each piece receives after public voting.  Winners will each receive a rosette ribbon and Feldman’s gift certificate.


Sweepstakes will be awarded to the piece with the most votes overall.


Entry Instructions:

     1.     Have 1 photo taken of you holding or standing near your artwork (to verify ownership)


  1.     Take 1 photo of your artwork alone (to be posted online).  Smaller artwork may be scanned if desired.  Sculpture and pottery may submit additional photos      as needed. Glass or shrink wrap should be removed. (See Photo Tips below) 


  1.     Include in your email, the following information:
  •          Name
  •          Class (see below)
  •          Age (if 18 and under)
  •          Phone #
  •          City of Residence
  •          Description (example: watercolor)
  •          Title (optional)


  1.     Send your information and photos to the corresponding email address


Class                                                                Email Address(not case sensitive)

 A.   Professional                                         (make sure address is exactly as written)

 B.   Semi Professional                               sure address is exactly as written)

 C.   Advanced Amateur                             

 D.   Amateur                                              

 E.   Young Amateur (ages 15-18)              

Youth (ages 11-14)                             

 G.   Children’s (ages 8-10)                        

 H.   Children’s (ages 5-7)                          
 I.     Children’s (ages 0-4)                          



Adult Class Descriptions:


A Professional is one who is actively engaged in the art field in his or her occupation or one who teaches classes or sells artwork for a portion of their income.


A Semi-professional is one who has reached a degree of professional quality in their work. This classification is a matter of ability and attitude more that career.


Advanced Amateur is one who will be consistently painting, striving for a
quality of workmanship, creativity, and originality that placed them above amateur.


An amateur is one who is frequently taking classes and/or studying with more experienced painters, or uses artwork as a hobby.


Tips for taking photos/scanning your work:

     1.    To avoid glare, remove glass or shrink wrap from your artwork before taking a photo.
Lay artwork flat on the floor and take photo from above or hang it at a height where the middle of your piece will be parallel to your camera. 

  1.     With photos and scans, digitally crop any background so that only the artwork (with or without a frame) is visible. 
  1.     Use a tripod or set camera on a level surface to steady it,
  2.     Set camera’s timer to 3-4 seconds so that pressing the shutter button doesn’t create a shake in your image. 
  1.     If scanning, use a good quality scanner with clean glass.  Make sure artwork is pressed flat against the glass.



  •          Public voting will take place from August 25th - August 27th   
  •          Vote by going to Facebook –
  •          Voters may vote for their 3 favorite entries in each of the 9 classes
  •          To vote, simply "LIKE" a photo.     
  •          Only 1 vote per entry will be allowed.
  •          If voters cannot access Facebook, they may email their selections to the corresponding  email addresses above or contact a director


Winner’s Instructions: 

  1.     Winners will be announced on Facebook on August 28th
  2.     Securely frame your artwork and secure with hook eyes and wire
  3.     Deliver your artwork to the Home Arts building on August 24th  between 1-8:00 pm
  4.     If you are not able to deliver or pick up, please make arrangements for someone to do it for you. Thank you!