Fine Arts
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Fine Art

       Fine Art - Department 006

Adult Art (Ages 19 and up)
          Director: Lori Nicholas, 435-854-3839 / 435-452-1956
       Assistant Director: Kerry Parkinson, 435-458-3557 / 435-279-6924


Youth Art (Ages 11-18)
Director: Glori Alsop , 435-279-6246
Assistant Director:  Gloria Rudd, 435-279-6246


Children’s Art
Director:  Vicki Rhodes, 435-257-7276
Assistant: Kathryn Bodrero, 801-589-5181

Poetry & Literature
Director:  Jessica Morris, 435-452-2449

(Attention fair exhibitors:  Photography is not part of the fine art exhibit.  For rules regarding photography entries, please read the photography rules and regulations.)


                                                   Rules and Regulations

Entries will be accepted … Tuesday Aug. 25 from 1 -8 p.m.

You may pre-register your exhibit ONLINE>fair>online entry beginning July 20 but no later than midnight on August 24, 2020.  If entering in Classes A – F please identify the category in the description (example:  Department – 006, Class – A, Lot – 1, Description – #2 Acrylic.  The online entry website will send a confirmation email to the fair.  You do not need to bring paperwork with your exhibit.  Online entry is strongly recommended but not required.

Deliver paintings to the HOME ARTS BUILDING on Tuesday, August 25 from 1 -8 p.m.

Exhibitors will be allowed one entry in each category to be judged.

Work should be completed within the last three years.

Work entered in previous fairs cannot be entered again.

Paintings with wet paint will be rejected.

Entries that are inappropriate for family viewing will be rejected.

Entries and display items are restricted to residents of Box Elder County.

Class work and work copies will be allowed, but not considered for

Sweepstakes and must be labeled as such.

All artwork MUST be ORIGINAL, meaning entirely the work of the artist-

No paint by numbers, etc. will be allowed.

Artwork is entered in the Fait at the owner’s risk. The utmost care will be

made to secure all artwork, but we cannot be responsible for loss or

damage of art.

Judging will be on Wednesday. Exhibit closed to the public until 6:00 p.m.

New judges (Classes A-F) are chosen every year.

Judges decisions are final.


IMPORTANT:  Classes A-F Art Work must be ready to hang: securely

framed with screw eyes and wire or shrink-wrapped and equipped with plastic Hanger. 

Premiums may be picked up on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday

In the Home Arts Building.

Artwork will be released between 9:30-10:30 on Saturday.

No Exceptions! Any unclaimed items will be moved to the south end of the

building available for pickup on Monday morning. We are not responsible

for any unclaimed items after 10:30 on Saturday.


Only Original works will be eligible.

Sweepstakes is awarded to the judges favorite piece overall.  No class work (unless original design, must specify), or no work copies from other artist work will be considered.

 A person can be awarded sweepstakes winner every third year. Sweepstakes award includes all divisions and will receive a ribbon, a $ 40.00 Feldman's Gift Certificate, and $ 150.00 donated by Doug and Dianne Adams Gallery.



     Awards will be given to the artists who are voted “People’s Choice” by the
        viewing public.

The Adult winner and the winning artist, 18 years or younger, will each receive a plaque.

People’s Choice voting will end at 10:00 p.m. on Friday in order to display the winning artwork all day on Saturday.

FELDMAN'S Special Merit AWARD:
Eight "Special Merit" Award ribbons and $ 5 premiums (1 each in Classes A-G and 1 in Class J) will be awarded to the pieces the Judgees feel are outstanding in the division.  Each will reeive a $ 20.00 Feldman's Gift Certificate.

One adult and one youth will be chosen to receive a $ 50.00 gift certificate from Feldman's.

                                                         CLASSES A-D

                                                                   Lot 1

                                                 Adult Art (Ages 19 and up)



1) Oil

2) Acrylic

3) Watercolor

4) Drawing Media: Pencil, Ink, Colored pencil, Scratchboard,

Computer Art (All Original-no programs)

5) Pastel and Chalk

6) Printmaking: Woodblock, Etching, Screen Print

7) Sculpture

8) Pottery

9) Collage

10) Miscellaneous


CLASSES A-D:  All entries must compete in the highest division that they have ever competed in.  All judging will be competitive having reached a quality of work that places them a class above Amateur.

A total of four ribbons may be given in each division:

1st place - $4,  2nd place - $3, 3rd place - $2.50, 4th place - $2.

In the event there is only one entry in a class and no completion, prize money and ribbons may not be awarded unless judges feel the artwork merits an award.


CLASS A:  (Ages 19 and up) PROFESSIONAL

A Professional is one who is actively engaged in the art field in his or her occupation or one who teaches classes or sells artwork for a portion of their income.


A Semi-professional is one who has reached a degree of professional quality in their work. This classification is a matter of ability and attitude more that career.


CLASS C:   (Ages 19 and up) ADVANCED AMATUER

Advanced Amateur is one who will be consistently painting, striving for a
quality of workmanship, creativity, and originality that placed them above amateur.

CLASS D:  (Ages 19 and up) AMATUER

 An amateur is one who is frequently taking classes and/or studying with more experienced painters, or uses artwork as a hobby.


                                                 CLASSES E & F

                                                            Lot 1

                                                  Youth Art 11-18

All judging will be based on individual merit, enabling the artist to improve their skill and strengthen the quality of their work.

These artists range from beginners to occasional painters, who are working to improve their abilities and gain mastery of their media.

Ribbons will be awarded as follows:

1st place – $2.00, 2nd place - $1.50, 3rd place – $1.00


Artwork must be framed and ready to hang with screweyes and wire, or a sticky back hanger.  Entries can not be accepted if this is not completed.


1) Oil

2) Acrylic

3) Watercolor

4) Drawing Media: Pencil, Ink, Colored Pencil, Scratchboard, Crayon, Marker,

Computer Art (All original-no programs)

5) Pastel and Chalk

6) Printmaking: Wood Block, Etching, Screen Printing

      7) Sculpture

8) Pottery

9) Collage

10) Miscellaneous



Class or school work will be accepted.

CLASS F: (Ages 11-14) YOUTH

Class or school work will be accepted.

                                               CLASSES G-H

                                                      Lot 1

                                              CHILDREN’S ART


Entries must be original. No Color book pages or paint-by-numbers allowed. Only
one entry per child.
Entries will receive a 1st or 2nd place ribbon.
All entries accepted (i.e. paint, crayon, colored pencil, pencil, marker, etc.
Artwork need not be framed unless desired. All entries receive $1.00 and one entry will receive a Special Merit Award Ribbon, $5.00 premium, and a Feldman’s gift Certificate.

CLASS H: (Ages 5 and under) CHILDRENS ART

All rules apply as stated for Children’s Art above.
Entries will not be judged but will receive a participation ribbon and $1.00

                                                 CLASSES I-J

                                                     Lot 1

                                          LITERATURE & POETRY


Literature must be original, with original illustration.

Entries may be typed or neatly handwritten, with illustrations done in any media.