Fair History
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Fair History

Box Elder Fairgrounds

By: Jamie Peden

Tremonton was the first city in the state of Utah to introduce professional rodeo in 1939.

Beginning in 1925, the Box Elder county fair and rodeo has grown to become one of the largest in the state of Utah. Later in that year in 1925 during the fall the shell of the exhibitions building was built and also sheds and fences on the fair grounds. It started as a friendly competition between farmers and grew into one of the oldest and most interesting fairs in the state. The first exhibit building was built in 1925 and was burned down by the city Friday June 5, 1998.

On September 24 1925, farmers and townspeople parked their cars in a circle to watch the county’s first rodeo. Over the years, the rodeo has become a major attraction at the fair. The old rodeo grounds used to be held where North Park is located now. The very first fair board president starting from 1925, is A. N. Fishburn he served from 1925 – 1935, John P. Holmgren served from 1935 – 1938, James Walton served from, 1938 – 1941, Wayne Sandall served two terms at the Box Elder Fair grounds 1941 – 1945, 1967 – 1972, A.V. Smoot (Bill Smoot’s Father) served from 1946 – 1951, Thomas Summers served from 1951 – 1961, Bill Waldron served from 1961 – 1967, Cliffton G.M. Kerr served from 1972 – 1975, Darald Fuller served from 1975 – 1979. The fair and rodeo are credits to all who work so diligently, especially those who volunteers who give their time and talent to make it possible.

Thousands of hours are given with the only compensation being the satisfaction of a job well done and your recognizing them for their efforts. We have exhibits to interest almost everyone. There’s art, livestock, crops, floriculture, and photography. They are always at work planning ways to make next year’s fair and rodeo even more successful. The exciting event takes place in late August. Activities include a parade, a carnival, bandstand shows, and the oldest rodeo in Utah. Now we have carnival rides lots of them to. We have booths that have jewelry, sunglasses, clothes, blankets, flag pools, home made things. Just about anything you would want. We have refreshment stands with nice cold drinks and candy, nice juicy hamburgers, fries, chips hot dog, corn dog just about anything your tummy loves…. So come and join us at the Box Elder County Fair in Tremonton, Utah.