“A Healthier You is a Wealthier You”




Your health plan is committed to helping you achieve your best health. Rewards for participating in a wellness program are available to all employees. Employees who participate in the program will receive a discounted health insurance premium and be eligible for chances to win prize drawings during the year. If you think you might be unable to meet a standard for a reward under this wellness program, you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means. Contact Diane Olson at (435) 734-3313 or dolson@boxeldercounty.org and we will work with you (and, if you wish, with your doctor) to find a wellness program with the same reward that is right for you in light of your health status.

Employees will need to complete 8 wellness incentive points by June 30, 2017 to be eligible for the premium discount program and then complete 8 more wellness incentive points from July 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 to remain eligible for the premium discount program. Of the required 8 points during the first half of the year, a blood test (a.k.a. biometric screening) and a Health Risk Assessment must be completed by April 1, 2017.


Box Elder County Wellness is a voluntary wellness program available to all employees. The program is administered according to federal rules permitting employer-sponsored wellness programs that seek to improve employee health or prevent disease, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as applicable, among others. If you choose to participate in the wellness program, you will be asked to complete a voluntary health risk assessment or "HRA" that asks a series of questions about your health-related activities and behaviors and whether you have or had certain medical conditions (e.g., cancer, diabetes, or heart disease). You will also be asked to complete a biometric screening and a blood test, which will include blood pressure, BMI, waist measurements, full lipid panel, glucose, triglycerides, and A1C. You are not required to complete the HRA or to participate in the blood test or other medical examinations.

However, employees who choose to participate in the wellness program will receive an incentive of $60/month premium savings for meeting the wellness program guidelines. (* IRS Tax Memo: Some financial incentives will be subject to income tax for the employee who receives this benefit/incentive). Although you are not required to complete the HRA or participate in the biometric screening, only employees who do so will receive a $60/month premium savings.

Additional incentives of up to $250/family may be available for employees who participate in certain health-related activities or achieve certain health outcomes (see wellness program guidelines for more information). If you are unable to participate in any of the health-related activities or achieve any of the health outcomes required to earn an incentive, you may be entitled to a reasonable accommodation or an alternative standard. You may request a reasonable accommodation or an alternative standard by contacting Human Resources at 435-734-3313.

The information from your HRA and the results from your biometric screening will be used to provide you with information to help you understand your current health and potential risks, and may also be used to offer you services through the wellness program, such as $60/month premium savings. You also are encouraged to share your results or concerns with your own doctor.

Protections from Disclosure of Medical Information

We are required by law to maintain the privacy and security of your personally identifiable health information. Although the wellness program and Box Elder County may use aggregate information it collects to design a program based on identified health risks in the workplace, Box Elder County Wellness will never disclose any of your personal information either publicly or to the employer, except as necessary to respond to a request from you for a reasonable accommodation needed to participate in the wellness program, or as expressly permitted by law. Medical information that personally identifies you that is provided in connection with the wellness program will not be provided to your supervisors or managers and may never be used to make decisions regarding your employment.

Your health information will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or otherwise disclosed, except to the extent permitted by law to carry out specific activities related to the wellness program, and you will not be asked or required to waive the confidentiality of your health information as a condition of participating in the wellness program or receiving an incentive. Anyone who receives your information for purposes of providing you services as part of the wellness program will abide by the same confidentiality requirements. The only individual(s) who will receive your personally identifiable health information are GBS Benefits Representatives, GBS Benefit’s Data Analytics Partner, Deerwalk, and the H2U program administered by MountainStar in order to provide you with services under the wellness program.

In addition, all medical information obtained through the wellness program will be maintained separate from your personnel records, information stored electronically will be encrypted, and no information you provide as part of the wellness program will be used in making any employment decision.  Appropriate precautions will be taken to avoid any data breach, and in the event a data breach occurs involving information you provide in connection with the wellness program, we will notify you immediately.

You may not be discriminated against in employment because of the medical information you provide as part of participating in the wellness program, nor may you be subjected to retaliation if you choose not to participate.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this notice, or about protections against discrimination and retaliation, please contact Human Resources at 435-734-3313.

All information regarding the wellness incentive program can be found on the county website at www.boxeldercounty.org/employee-wellness.htm. All updates throughout the year can be found on the county website.

1st Year Grace Period Information:

Employees must complete the biometric screening and Health Risk Assessment along with 4 additional points by June 30, 2017 to qualify for the wellness premium discount for July 1-December 31, 2017.

Annual Required Points:

  •          Complete the online Cigna Health Risk Assessment (1 point)
  •          Complete a  free biometric screening (blood test) at the Health Fair  (1 point)

o   If you are a CDL holder, the appointment you make for your Medical Card will be considered for your point.

o   Note from your doctor if you already had a blood test this year in conjunction with another doctor’s appointment.

  •          Complete at least 14 additional wellness incentive points under Wellness Options.


Wellness Options:  (See page 29 or the Employee Wellness website for details)
Points may be earned in the following categories:

         Preventive Health Screenings

         Health Management


         Wellness Challenges

         Wellness Seminars

         Weight Management

         Nutrition Option

         Exercise Option

         Hiking Challenge

         Races and Events

         Health Class

         Community Events

         Health-Related Reading


There is an additional award incentive for employees who achieve more than 16 wellness incentive points in the benefit year.  For every point you earn over 16, you will get 1 entry for a Grand Prize. 

If your spouse chooses to participate, every point they achieve earns them a raffle ticket for a Spouse’s only prize.  We encourage spouses to participate in the Wellness Incentive Program.

**NOTE: If both you and your spouse are employed with Box Elder County, only the spouse carrying the insurance will be entered into the “employee” prize drawing. The spouse will be entered into the “spouse” prize drawing.




The following questions and answers will explain how the program works and how it applies to you.


How will a County Wellness Incentive Program help?

It is clear that nationally and locally people are affected more than ever by the additional stress, poor life style habits, and just being too busy to focus on taking care of their health.  We know that people who are engaged in healthy lifestyle activities deal with stress better, are more focused at work, and tend to be healthier.  Given the research and the need to improve the health of our employees we are excited to present this Program.  You will note many similarities from past years (i.e. Wellness Challenges) but will also find more options for achieving better health and wellness!  We know reaching health goals is a very individual process so our aim is to make it a program that allows everyone to succeed.  We want to reward employees for being actively involved with wellness, realizing the benefits of more energy, better health, and productivity. 


How does the program work?

Each benefited employee will receive a $60 reduction in monthly insurance premium if they participate in the program.  (See rate sheet, p. 32 or 46-47)  Employees who choose not to participate in the Wellness Program will not be eligible for the $60 reduction in monthly insurance premium.


How does the Wellness Incentive work?

It involves completion of a biometric scan (1 point) and the online Cigna Personal Health Assessment (PHA – 1 point).  In addition, each participating employee will also need to complete 14 additional wellness incentive points to receive the lower premium. 


What information will the County see?

The participation information from the Personal Health Assessment will be kept confidential in accordance with HIPPA regulations.  The County will only see a list of who took the assessment and group totals (no individual information).


What if employees have a medical condition that limits their ability to participate?
If it is unreasonably difficult due to a medical condition for you to achieve the standards of the reward under the wellness incentive program, contact Human Resources who will put you in contact with a representative from the insurance.  Cigna will work with you to develop another way for you to qualify for the wellness incentive.


What if the employee completes the wellness credits before the deadline?
There is an additional award incentive for employees who achieve more than 16 wellness incentive points in the benefit year.  For every point you earn over 16, you will get 1 entry for a Grand Prize.  Credit for wellness incentive points will be collected at the time the incentive is complete.  


When will the lower premium be applied to an employee’s health insurance plan?

The points will be earned 6 months in advance of the premium.  For example, January 1-June 30, 2017 qualifies the employee for the premium reduction for July 1-December 31, 2017.  Earning points from July 1-December 31, 2017 qualifies the employee for the premium reduction for January 1 –June 30, 2018.


What if I participate in a program not listed on the County Wellness Incentive Program Completion Forms?

You can get credit for participating in programs not listed on the completion forms.  To be eligible, the program needs to meet specific criteria for wellness and have authorization in advance.  (See the Wellness Incentive Program “Criteria for Wellness Credit” form.)

1)      The activity needs to be a safe, effective, and healthy form of stress management, diabetes control, hypertension reduction, cholesterol reduction, weight control, or disease management supported by the guidelines given by the following organizations:

  •          American College of Sports Medicine
  •          American Diabetes Association
  •          Center for Disease Control
  •          National Institute of Health
  •          American Medical Association.

2)      Provide proof of purchase or participation in the activity, program, or treatment. 

3)      Participate in the program for at least two months.

Do I have to do the Personal Health Assessment (PHA) and Biometric Screening?
The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) and Biometric Screening (cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, BMI, and waist measurements) reported in the PHA is a baseline to establish what risks there are to employees’ health.  From the information assessed, an employee can determine which healthy activities they want to complete to help better their wellbeing.  The activities give the employees the points for the Wellness Incentive Program.

If I go to my doctor for the wellness screening and get my cholesterol, glucose blood pressure, BMI and waist measurements checked in the doctor’s office, how do I make sure I won’t be charged?
Because of the new health care reform guidelines with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), both employees and spouses can receive preventative care provided by participating providers covered at 100%.  Here are some examples of Adult Preventative services that are covered:  Exams – preventative office visits, including well woman exam, breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, prostate cancer screening, certain bone density screening, lipid screening, and routine blood and urine screenings.  The full list can be found at https://www.healthcare.gov/preventive-care-benefits/.  Cigna will process the claims based on the provider’s clinical assessment of the office visit.  If the primary reason for your visit is seeking treatment for an illness or condition, and the preventative care is administered during the visit, cost sharing may apply.  This means your doctor’s office may ask you to pay a co-pay for the office visit.  If you have additional questions, please contact Cigna Customer Service at 1-800-CIGNA24.

What if I am in perfect health?  Do I still need to participate to receive the discount?
Absolutely!  Even healthy people can improve health with an active lifestyle.  Most often those who are in perfect health will already be engaged in activities that count as credits toward the incentive. 

Why do I need to do this? It’s just one more thing to do.
We totally understand how you feel.  That is exactly why we want you to participate.  The stress of doing everything is why you need to do something for your own health.  The program is flexible.  Do an activity that is fun and that makes you feel better.  It will be worth it.

We hope you are supportive of this initiative.  We believe it will make a notable different in employee health and wellness.

Can I count my yearly physical for a credit on the wellness incentive?
Yes, you can count test results for cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure for the biometric screenings.  A note from the doctor is required stating you went and had a blood test.

Can I count my CDL Medical card examination for a credit on the wellness incentive?

Yes, you can count the results if cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure are tested.  A note from the doctor is required stating you went and had a blood test.

Wellness Options:

*14 points are required in the areas below in addition to the points for the Personal Health Assessment and the Biometric Screening*

*All forms can be found at www.boxeldercounty.org/employee-wellness.htm*

Preventative Health Screenings:

1 point each

(A doctor’s note will be required as proof of screening. You will be contacted if more information is needed for your points. Please turn the doctor’s note into Human Resources to get your points.)


  •          Physician Wellness Screening *Can count for your Biometric Screening (1 point) AND Preventative Screening (1 point)
  •          Pap Test (Cervical Cancer Screening) - Women 21-65
  •          Mammogram (Breast Cancer Screening) - Women 40-74 (or if recommended by physician).
  •          Colonoscopy (Colorectal Cancer Screening) - Men and Women age 50-75 *Will count for wellness credit once every 10 years
  •          PSA Test (Prostate Cancer Screening) *only counts if recommend by Physician
  •          Annual Flu Shot - No proof needed if done on County Flu Shot day
  •          Shingles Vaccination *only counts if recommended by Physician (Men and Women age 60 and above)
  •          Dental Exam
  •          Skin Cancer Screening
  •          Eye Appointment *full ophthalmology screening – not just vision*




 1 point each

(A doctor’s note will be required as proof of participation. You will be contacted if more information is needed for your points.  Please turn the doctor’s note into Human Resources to get your points.)


  •          Prenatal Care throughout pregnancy *Can only count this for 1 wellness point.
  •          Post Partum exam *between 3 and 6 weeks after delivery.
  •          Chronic Disease Management (At least 1 visit to manage a chronic condition, or as recommended by your physician).
  •          Mental Health Management (Visit with a Clinical social Worker, Psychologist, Psychiatrist). Free through the EAP.



3 points each

(Proof of completion will be required. An email or signature on the “Coaching Verification” form will certify as proof or if you complete the online program, you may show proof of completion or show an employee in Human Resources that it has been completed. You will be contacted if more information is needed for your points.)


  •          Cigna Disease Management with a Cigna Health Advocate.

o   Those eligible for this program will be contacted by a Cigna health advocate. This is a no fee service.

  •          Cigna EAP

o   5 free coaching sessions per person per problem per year. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment 877-622-4327.

o   Employee gets a note from Dr.

  •          My Health Assistant online coaching at myCigna.com

o   Topics include improve Nutrition, Increase Exercise, Maintain a Positive Mood, Lose Weight, Manage Stress, Quit Tobacco

o   Turn in tracking when your goal is met.

  •          Participate with Zensey on myCigna.com

o   Receive health and wellness recommendations customized for you:

  •   Interactive goals, supportive social communities, engaging team challenges to reach goals
  •   Easy to use web tools that sync with fitness devices – Fitbit, BodyMedia, Polar, Withings, and Jawbone.
  •   Bonus! This program allows you to earn coins for many interactions on the site – and then use them to enter sweepstakes in the Zensey Marketplace!
  •   500 coins earned = 1 point.
  •          Participate in a Tobacco Cessation Program through my Health Assistant Online or a Cigna Health Advocate. Develop health habits related to tobacco use. This also includes assistance with e-cigarettes.

o   Discount to assist with the cost is provided through Healthy Rewards.










1-2 points each

(Participation materials/tracking sheet will be required to be turned in. Please record your participation on the completion/tracking form and turn into Human Resources.)


  •          4 Week Challenge: 1 point
  •          6-8 Week Challenge: 2 points



  •          Sheriff’s Office PT Testing: 2 points



.5 points each

(Attend a Cigna/Box Elder County sponsored seminar regarding health and wellness. Make sure you sign the roll.)


  •          Onsite: 0.5 point
  •          Lunch & Learn: 0.5 point
  •          15 minute massage at work: no points




2 points each

(Complete “Healthy Weight Verification” form.  Turn in to Human Resources.)


  •          Lose weight: If your BMI is over 27 and you lose 10 or more pounds, provide a Physician or RN signature and earn 2 wellness credits. Weight loss will need to be documented.
  •          Weight management campaign - GBS



2 points each

(Complete “Nutrition Verification” form.  Turn in to Human Resources.)


  •          Weight Watchers 2 month participation
  •          Online Food Journal and Tracking Apps 2 month log
  •          Registered Dietician/Nutrition/Health Coach – 2 months
  •          Other nutrition program 2 month participation



2 points each (for each month of tracking)

(Complete “Exercise Verification” form.  Turn in to Human Resources.)


  •          Aerobic Exercise 2 month log (Must exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, 3x/week or equivalent)
  •          Competitive Sports 2 month log (Must exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, 3x/week or equivalent)
  •          Exercise Journal and Tracking Apps (Must exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, 3x/week or equivalent 2 month log)
  •          Personal Trainer



2 points (max of 4 points per year)

(Maximum of 4 points per year must complete “Hiking Verification” form.  Turn in to Human Resources.)


  •          Take a hike of 5+ miles roundtrip with an elevation change of at least 500 ft.



See Individual Race for point value

(Complete “Races and Events Training Log Verification” form.  Turn in to Human Resources.)

  •          5k Walk/Jog Race: 1 point
  •          Tougher Mudder: 1 point
  •          10K Race or 30 mile Bike Race: 2 points
  •          Half Marathon Race or 50 mile Bike Race or Sprint Triathlon: 3 points
  •          Full Marathon Race or 100 mile Bike Race or Olympic Distance Triathlon: 4 points
  •          Half Ironman or Full Ironman: 5 points


.5 points each

(Complete “Health Class Verification” form.  Turn in to Human Resources.)


  •          You may receive 0.5 point for any health class you attend that you feel was beneficial to your health outside of the Cigna/Box Elder County program. Simply complete the “Health Class Verification” form.



See Individual events for point value

(Complete “Community Event Verification” form.  Turn in to Human Resources. If you’d like to participate in an event that isn’t listed below for points, please receive authorization for Human Resources BEFORE the event.)


Worth 0.5 point each

  •          Attend the County Summer Party. Make sure you sign in.
  •          Other community events (with preapproval).

Worth 1 point each

  •          Participate in a county sponsored blood drive. Make sure you sign in.



No points (prize drawing every 3 months)

For every attendance to a mini break, earn 1 ticket into the prize drawing. Prize drawing to be held every 3 months. Prizes will vary.

  •          Mini breaks Jan-March: April prize drawing
  •          Mini breaks April-June: July prize drawing
  •          Mini breaks July-Sept: October prize drawing
  •          Mini breaks Oct-Dec: January prize drawing


Health-Related Reading:

.5 points for every 1 hour

For every 1 hour of health-related reading, earn 0.5 points. Please send a tracking sheet of the minutes spent reading.


This includes:

  •          Articles
  •          Books
  •          Box Elder monthly newsletter
  •          Other health-related material (get approval if you’re not sure on the material)



Insurance Premium Rates – WELLNESS PARTICIPATION:

Traditional Health Plan:

                                    Total Premium:  County:    Employee:   Per Pay Period:

Single                                   $557.35        $473.75        $83.60             $41.80  

Two-Party                            $1131.42       $961.72       $169.70            $84.85

Family                                 $1504.84       $1279.12      $225.72            $112.86

QHDHP Health Plan:

Single                                   $513.93        $436.85         $77.08             $38.54  

Two-Party                            $1043.30       $886.81        $156.50           $78.25

Family                                  $1387.62      $1179.48       $208.14           $104.07



Traditional Health Plan:

                                   Total Premium:     County:   Employee:  Per Pay Period:

Single                                   $557.35        $473.75         $148.60           $74.30  

Two-Party                            $1131.42       $961.72        $234.70           $117.35

Family                                  $1504.84      $1279.12       $290.72           $145.36

QHDHP Health Plan:

Single                                  $513.93          $436.85      $142.08           $71.04  

Two-Party                           $1043.30         $886.81     $221.50          $110.75

Family                                 $1387.62         $1179.48    $273.14           $136.57