Discovery Requests

If you are a defendant or an attorney for a case, you can obtain a copy of the discovery from the County Attorney's Office.  To do so, please follow these steps:
  1. Submit a request for discovery to the County Attorney's Office
    You can print a generic discovery request form here.
    The discovery request may be submitted in person or by mail (click
    here for the address).
  2. Pay the required discovery fee
    Pursuant to Box Elder County
    Resolution 09-04 and Utah Code Annotated §17-50-302, the County Attorney's Office charges the following fees for discovery items:

    Reports, documents, & written statements
    electronic download


    Reports, documents, & written statements
    printed (25 pages or LESS)


    Reports, documents, & written statements
    printed (25 pages or LESS)


    Citation with Notes


    Media discs       5.00/disc

Please be aware that discovery items may be redacted or edited at the discretion of the County Attorney's Office in accordance with office policy to ensure privacy of sensitive information.  If you have any other questions about obtaining discovery for your case, please
contact our office.