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At this time Box Elder County is only issuing permits for Agriculture Burning, the "Residential Burn Window" will open again this March the 30th to May 30th during these windows only natural vegetation, ie: tree trimmings, leaves and the such can be burnt, this means no construction debris, household garbage, tires or the like can be burnt. This is not just County wide but includes the entire State.
Agriculture burning falls into a little different category and can be burnt year round, in order to qualify for an agriculture burn permit, you must be burning natural vegetation, ie: fruit tree pruning, ditch banks and stubble fields.
this does not include the back yard fruit tree, you must be farming as a livelihood, and your property must be in the greenbelt for taxes.

The Moratorium is now in place from the Utah Division of State Lands and Forestry, for burning East of Hwy 89 or 38

Please remember that you must get a permit to burn by calling 435-734-3345. Monday through Friday there is no burning on Sundays and burn barrels for the disposal of trash are not allowed anytime.
Thanks You