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Sheriff's Office Complaints

Knowingly giving FALSE information is punishable by Utah Law.


Since taking office in 2007, citizen contacts and community relations have been a priority for this department.   I expect my deputies to be professional in all matters.  If you've had contact with a deputy, under any circumstances, who did not live up to my high standards, I want to hear about it.   Please use the e-mail link below to report the matter or feel free to contact me directly at 435-734-3814, or my Chief Deputy, Dale Ward, at 435-734-3805. 


Sheriff Kevin Potter


EMAIL Your Complaint


-Please include the following information in your complaint to ensure a quick and accurate resolution.

-Case number (if there is one)

-Your Name, age, address, and phone number

-The Nature of your complaint

-Details of the incident (date, time, officers involved, and pertinent facts)



Click here to email your complaint.