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Cadastral Mapping Training ClassesArch
Using the 2015 Edition Manual

There are 7 lessons in this 2 part training course for cadastral mapping certification.  The study manual is broken up into 7 basic chapters and has a corresponding video lesson for each.  While the scheduled class is running there will be a weekly web meeting and conference call to answer any questions, have discussions, and give feedback about the homework assignments.

- - - Part 1  Land Records- - -

  Chapter 1     Real Estate Law
  Chapter 2     Land Records Searching

- - - Part 2 – Mapping & Technology - - -

  Chapter 3     Basics of Drafting
  Chapter 4     Elements of Surveying 
  Chapter 5     Basic Mathematics
  Chapter 6     Mapping Descriptions 
  Chapter 7     G.I.S. 

  Review the Basics

Cadastral Mapping Manual
   A list of all the material for the current manual.
   Downloads page.

Online Meeting Instructions
  How to join the online class.

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