Box Elder County Fact Sheet
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Box Elder County Fact Sheet

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 Box Elder County, Utah

 Community and Labor Demographic Information Summary

 Total MSA Population*
MSA area

MSA annual population growth rate
Total labor force

Unemployment rate
Median age in years
Median household income
Education Level
High school degree or higher
Equivalent of Bachelor's degree or higher
Nearby colleges/name/type

Nearby vocational schools

 318,390 (Box Elder, Cache, Weber)
*Box Elder is not in an MSA, but including contiguous counties - Cache (east) and Weber (south) Counties - 318,390 population in the area.
164,853 Total
18,449 (Box Elder)
101,276 (Weber)
45,128 (Cache)


Utah State University Branch Campus, Brigham City
Weber State University, Ogden (25 miles)
Utah State University, Logan (25 miles)
Bridgerland Applied Technology Center Branch Campus, Brigham City
Ogden Applied Technology Center, Ogde



Population Projections by County

County         2000        2005          2010           2020        2030        AARC* 2000-2030
Box Elder  43,083     47,896       53,855        63,209     70,755                  1.7%
Cache         88,320     96,904      108,150      127,896    143,040                1.6%
Weber        186,987   201,8950   227,032     271,369    307,350                1.7 %

*Average Annual Rate of Change

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census and Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, UPED model. Totals may not add due to rounding.

Total number of manufacturing businesses - Box Elder County
Total number of manufacturing employees - Box Elder County

Average starting wage per hour

Time Zone

Airline Service



$8.50/hr. (Please see 1999 Box Elder/Cache Counties Occupational Wages brochure)

Mountain Standard

One hour to Salt Lake International

Freight Service available at Brigham City Airport


Corporate income tax rate
Corporate franchise tax rate
Total sales tax rate

Unemployment tax rate

Economic incentive programs (EZ - Not available in Brigham City)

Employee development programs

Important alternative data/comments

Box Elder County designated as Utah

"Smart Site"


Pass through franchise tax


Minimum of 0.03% and Maximum of 8%

Enterprise Zone (EZ) - State Income Tax Credits

Recycling Zone - State Income Tax Credits

EDA/RDA Designation
The State of Utah and Bridgerland Applied Technology Center, through their Custom Fit Training Programs, offer training that can be specified by your company with matching grant funds up to $500 per employee

In spring 2000, WalMart had 4,000 applications for 200 jobs at an average starting wage of $9.50/hr.

Box Elder County's ACCRA Standard of Living is 96.6% of the National Average

March 2001 Box Elder County was awarded the designation of a "Utah Smart Site." This indicates Box Elder County has in place:

1. Available, highly trained telecom technical workforce,

2. Facilities wired for these business needs,

3. Two current technical training locations available to upgrade any needed skills.