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Request for Bids



BOX ELDER COUNTY ( ) located at 01 South Main Street Suite 34 Brigham City, Utah is requesting bids for the Framing and finish, electrical, plumbing and Mechanical work on the construction project of the new restroom/concession stand facility in the livestock barn at the Box Elder County Fairgrounds located in Tremonton Utah. BIDS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN: 1:00 P.M., May 13, 2015. Bids received after this time will not be evaluated.

Opening of the Bids will take place at 1:00 P.M. on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 in the Box Elder County Commission Chambers, 01 South Main Street, Brigham City, Utah.
The purpose of this Request for Bids (RFB) is to obtain bids from qualified contractors in each discipline to install all work as per the specified plans relating to their bid, and work with the other subcontractors in the placement of the framing and finish work, electrical, plumbing and mechanical. RFB bidding packets are available for pick-up at the historic County Courthouse located at 01 S Main Suite 34 in Brigham City.

Bids will only be accepted from the following:
a) Licensed, insured, and bonded contractors in the state of Utah.
b) Other qualifications as outlined in the scope of work.

Any contract resulting from this RFB will be between Box Elder County and the successful bidder. The County reserves the right to contract with other qualified professional firms or individuals for similar services during the period of the contract.
All proposals should contain the following information:
a. Company name, contractor license information and contact information.
b. Resumes or background descriptions of past projects.
c. Bid price to complete all work as per plan and scope of work.                                                                                                          d. Contractors shall work with other sub-contractors in a reasonable manner to accomplish this project in a timely professional manner.                                                                                                                

e. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE ON THIS PROJECT. IT MUST BE COMPLETED NO LATER THAN July 3rd, 2015. Contracting companies must be able to complete all work on the plans no later than laid out in the construction schedule, a penalty of $300 per day shall be issued for everyday after that date if an extension is not granted in writing. An early completion incentive of $100 dollar per day shall be paid to the contractor for each day the project is completed prior to the deadlines laid out in the construction schedule per subcontractor. Contractors shall not be given credit if they start prior to the construction schedule. Incentive shall not exceed 10% of the contractors bid price on the project and.
f. Extensions will not be granted for normal construction circumstances; extensions shall be requested and approved in writing.


a. As Box Elder County wants to keep work in the County, Contractors with offices in Box Elder County will be given a 2% ($500 maximum) bid preference on their bid.
c. Willingness and/or accessibility of completing the job in the required time line.
d. Proposed bid.
e. Demonstrated track record in completing such projects in a timely and acceptable manner.
f. Review of references.

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