Beef Heifer
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Junior Beef Heifer Show

2021 Junior Beef Heifer Show

Chris Beins, Director, 435-452-1806
Brad Hart,  Director, 435-279-1816

Premiums: Blue - $10, Red - $7, White - $5
2020 Fair Schedule:
Entry time: 
Heifer Show: August 25,  WEDNESDAY AT 4:OO PM 

Registration: Please email Chris Beins ( with the following information:
- How many heifers you plan to bring
-Exhibitor Name
-Age of Heifer

1. Open to all FFA and 4-H members (3rd - 12th grade of current year) in Box Elder County. Membership must be verified if questions arise. All 4-H members must have properly enrolled with the USU Extension Office in that project area in order to compete. FFA members must be enrolled in the livestock project they are planning to exhibit with the local FFA Chapter. High school graduates who are exhibiting in FFA can exhibit only the summer after high school graduation. 

2. There will be a maximum of two entries. All heifers must have been owned, tagged and fed in the county by the exhibitor for at least 128 days prior to the show.

3. Each exhibitor/owner must assume all liability in case of death or injury to their project and injury or death incurred by their animal. There are inherent risks involved with large animals therefore all owners will exhibit their livestock at their own risk. Box Elder County and the Box Elder County Fair Board will not assume any risk or accept responsibility for sickness, accident or disease while at the fair or contracted at the fair. 

4. All exhibitors will be responsible for their own tack and show supplies. The Box Elder County Fair Board and Box Elder County is not responsible for any theft of property.

5. The Fair Association will provide sawdust and bedding for livestock while at the fair. Exhibitors are responsible for all of the feed for their animals.  All animals must be cared for during the entire fair or premium money will be forfeited.

6. All cattle must be well halter broke and fit for show. Unmanageable cattle will be dismissed.

7. The dress code for exhibitors during the show will be: 4-H – a long or short sleeve shirt which fastens down the front with a collar is mandatory. Shirts must be white in color and need not be Western style. No lettering allowed. There is to be a 4-H emblem or patch on all 4-H member’s shirts. Full length black or blue pants are to be worn by 4-Hers and FFA members. Vests will be allowed. The following will not be allowed: tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, tube tops or sleeveless shirts. FFA – either a white shirt, tie and FFA jacket or a white shirt with the FFA emblem and tie (t-shirts are not allowed).

8. Heifer classes will be determined by the Heifer Show Committee. Classes will be determined by age. Exhibitors ages 6-8 can show in a pee-wee class provided they can show appropriate handling of their respective heifer.

9. For young or special needs exhibitors special accommodations may be made for help inside the show ring.

10. All Committee decisions are final.

11. Heifers may be released on the Thursday following the show, provided the exhibitor has obtained a release from a director, except that any grand or reserve heifer must remain for the Parade of Champions.



1. All heifers must be vaccinated for brucellosis.


Jackpot Heifers

1. Heifers will be shown by age with all breeds showing against each other. No age division champions will be selected. Only a Grand Champion and Reserve Champion overall will be selected.

2. A heifer may be shown if it is not more than 2 years of age on the day of the show.

3. Heifers must be checked in at the designated weigh-in time.