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Box Elder County Auditor 1979-Present

Doris L. Olsen
Prior to 1979, the duties of the Auditor were the responsibilities of the County Clerk/Auditor. Due to the increased work for the Clerk, the office of Auditor, by action of the Box Elder County Commission, was made a separate office. Doris Olsen was the first County Auditor.

 Carlla J. Secrist
*Carlla J. Secrist


*1991-1994-Auditor/Treasurer- Office of the treasurer combined with Auditor by County Commission. Legislation passed stating that the Auditor and Treasurer could not be the same person. The Commissioners separated the Treasurer and combined it with the Assessor. Carlla Secrist remained as County Auditor.

Carlla J. Secrist
Roger HandySept.
Tom Bennett
Thomas Kotter

March 1989-Dec 1990

1995-July 2001
2001- 2006
2007- 2010
2011 - Present

Carlla Secrist passed away July 2001, Roger Handy was appointed as County Auditor.

Those who have served