Assistant Fire Warden
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Assistant Fire Warden (Seasonal)


May 4, 2015

Assistant Fire Warden (Seasonal)

Box Elder County has a part time opening for the position of Assistant Fire Warden. This position is seasonal but can be renewed annually.  There are no benefits with this position. Successful candidates must reside in Box Elder County. Must be willing to work weekends and holidays.  Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds, shovel, and be able to work outside for long periods of time under different weather conditions.  Must have a valid Utah Driver’s License.

Interested parties should submit an application to Box Elder County Human Resources by 5:00 p.m. Friday, May 15, 2015.  Applications can be obtained at




Class Title:          Assistant Fire Warden (Seasonal)  

Department:        Fire Marshal

Effective Date:     5/4/2015



  •          Assist the Fire Marshal’s office with initial attack on all wildfires and other duties as listed          below.



  •          Provide initial attack on all wildland fires occurring on state and private land in Box Elder            County.
  •          Assist county resources on wildland fires, structure fires, hazmat and ext:
  •          Be responsible for and maintaining assigned vehicle and equipment.
  •          Assist in the coordination of fire training in the county.
  •          Complete reports and documentation in a timely manner.
  •          Assist in issuing burn permits during the closed fire season.
  •          Assist with inspections.
  •          Promote fire prevention in the county.
  •          Assist the Fire Marshal and Fire Warden in their absence.
  •          Carry out other duties as assigned by supervisors.
  •          Work odd hours in all types of environments consisting of exposures to various terrain,              weather, smoke and fire conditions for extended periods of time.


Requirements / Skills

  •          Assistant Fire Warden must have the following qualifications and skills.
  •          NWCG Firefighter Type 1 (Squad Boss )
  •          NFPA Firefighter 1
  •          Ability to give clear direction and provide leadership during an incident.
  •          Must be self-motivated and able to work independently.
  •          Ability to sustain physical exertion for extended periods of time.
  •          Pass the aerobic pack test at the arduous level annually.
  •          Pass a criminal back ground check.
  •          Must have a valid Utah driver's license.
  •          Work towards Engine Boss and other fire qualifications as recommended by supervisors.