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Box Elder County Abbreviations

Abbreviations for Box Elder County
Abbreviations permitted in proceedings as per UCA 59-2-1335

[...] Added by Recorder's Office   ELY Easterly
AC Acres   ETS Elwood Town Survey
ADD Addition   EST Estate
ALG Along   EXCEPT Excepting
BRCS Bear River City Survey   FT Feet
BEG Beginning   FTS Fielding Town Survey
BET Between   FND Found
BLK Block   FRAC Fractional
BK Book   FRM From
BDY Boundary   GCS Garland City Survey
BE Box Elder   HWY Highway
BCS Brigham City Survey   HNTS Honeyville Town Survey
BLDG Building   HWTS Howell Town Survey
CTR Center   IN Inch
CH Chain   /L Line
CHD Cluster Housing Development   LK Link
COM Commencing   LOC Located
CONST Construction   LT Lot
CONT Containing   MCS Mantua City Survey
CTS Corinne Town Survey   ' Minute(s)
COR Corner   MON Monumented
CO County   M/L More or Less
CURR Currently   N North
* Degree(s)   NE Northeast
DESC Described   NELY Northeasterly
DTS Deweyville Town Survey   NLY Northerly
DIST Distance   NW Northwest
EASE Easement   NWLY Northwesterly
E East